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Colocasia/ Taro/ Elephant ear plant I picked up early in the summer. My patio couldn’t allow as much sun as it needed so it stretched and got too wild  

(Still shot from bad video) 


I was pretty sure it had a root system you could store for later so I chopped each leaf down, pulled it all out of the pot and separated it’s roots (tubers).  Shook of some soil and put em in a paper bag. I’ll keep em out on the patio for keeping cool and reset it next spring. 












For fun  I set one in water to see how it would react. It grew a leaf within two weeks 



Roots are happy 




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On 10/12/2021 at 7:49 AM, SMdoubleXL said:

This is what they looked like 8/21 



aftrr that radical (first root) is long enough , I’ll turn it root side down over a jar with a mouth opening wide enough to allow root to sit in that water. Topping water daily to prevent any pert of the root to dry out 


A very sort of Halloween thing going on there


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On 10/18/2021 at 8:28 PM, Ko SprueOne said:

If you don't eat them, they can be cristmas tree ornaments. Is that a thing yet? Peppers as tree decoration?


you can always spice up the bedroom by stringing them up as anal beads.  I am sure that'll make the bung hole feel like some kinda Christmas 

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October always brings the Orb-Weaver-Araneidae to the yard. 


The Mrs took this shot. She took a few more super close ups but they were blurry. I would've took a few myself but I was busy with some other sht. That thing was the size of a Kübelwagen! I wasn't scared tho, just busy doing other stuff. 




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picked these green tomatoes today, the last of the tomatoes that hadn't fully ripened yet.


heard somewhere that if you put them in a box and close the lid that they emit a gas called ethylene and over time that trapped gas aids in the ripening. i also heard to include a early, greenish-yellow banana in the box to aid in the ethylene gas emissions...


might not be the tastiest tomatoes of the year..but could cook down into a sauce or something.



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