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While I was at it, still...

I decided to up out my Oxalis, also. 

It’s a cool and very pretty plant; delicate though. 

its roots are a bulb system and those lil section can just be snapped off and planted. 





this plant went so limp and looks weak after it’s transition. I hope it forgives me. 


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I’ve never even tried roses or even played with em but I figure I’d try a few things. These get direct sunlight until the sun is set. They require more water than anyone should use in this desert. 
applied a few pruning techniques and solid Correctly watering at the right time of day (early am), keeping base free of weeds. 
To ensure a bushy rose bush, when you notice it blooming and go to dead head it, trim it back to the leaflet with 5 or more leaves on it -it will produce a bushy flowering plant. 
There's no flowers yet but the pruning has allowed it to push its energy to the healthy parts instead of wasting energy tying to feed useless parts (people should actually do this too 😉


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@SMdoubleXLThis thread is super educational, thanks for creating it.


I'm not trying to be spammy but B.I.R.C. is a cool cool resource if interested in non-toxic/least toxic solutions to pest control.


Then click on their >> Online Publications. Total wealth of information.



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Spam it up! we got to share the goods! 
@Ko SprueOne

 I def bookmarked it. It’s loaded with info! 

that’s a great site that I haven’t seen. Thank you. All that’s good info


i have been pointed to this one recently in case it benefits anyone 

just EPA  Pennsylvania Code pesticide info 








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Thank you

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has anyone ever made/experimented with Hypertufa? 

I haven’t yet but I will eventually. It seems like a cool lil project to do and super customizable to what you want/need.  
there are plenty of websites that provide common recipes and directions 


Some recipes go into a lot of detail 



Some recipes are more basic. 


in case any of you have the resources and/or desire to play around while you’re at home. 

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