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First peak for my 12oz family... Experiment No.001


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Haven't released details of this yet, but figured I'd give you guys a first look since this is 12oz.


New series I'm playing with that is intended to push the experimental side of the design and production process a bit (here and here). This one is Experiment No.001 and features a Black (tonal) ink, as well as white, fluorescent red, reflective and discharge, which is like printing with bleach instead of ink. Each shirt is individually numbered in an edition of 100 (left bottom side) and also has a little message for Zuck, as well as a QR code link back to the forum like I did with the Forum Reunion tee. Unsure when this will drop, but will be released together with a murdered out, black on black subdued version of the 12oz Stacked Logo tee (also limited).


Anyhow, I'll keep you guys posted, but here's some crappy iPhone shots...





















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On 12/18/2019 at 5:42 PM, Fist 666 said:

so dope.


But I gotta keep beating the drum--can we get a not black or white shirt option someday?

For real though make a 12oz tee with a dope hand or throwie (I feel like its gotta be 2 color b&w) and not limited numbers in multiple colors. Salmon, lavender, white, that blue that's just barely not white.


I do dig this jam though. Dont think it's for me but the design and execution is dope.

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Love it. Superb quality as always. Def co-sign the color talk! This morning I was just thinking how it’d be cool to have Navy/Gray Yankee colors. Maybe even have specific color ways for specific states and regions?


Thank you again for another dope product!


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