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I took the family out to a Chicago Pizza restaurant around 3pm, crustless deep dish pictured. Restaurants opened in Scottsdale/Phoenix yesterday. Outdoor seating only, but it looked like they were prepping for inside seating if there was the demand past 5pm. 

There was only one other couple dining, and the (overpriced) bar across the street had people out and inside.... spaced out. The staff was masked and gloved, and periodically wiping everything down.


A sports bar around the corner was similar, both in & outside seating at 25% capacity.






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While my view earlier and for a good portion of the day-is looking for these lil fuckin male parts on the plants 


I looked up, because I am pretty much half body into the plants, looking up and I have this view-underneath the leaves  and notice it’s lil glow around its edge. 
every part of this plant is covered in trichomes  it was a nice view, looking up  F3E8B32C-1E2B-47F0-B6E6-304DD2A0E7A6.thumb.jpeg.310c3678d338922bf576cc9184075c75.jpeg0B3C72DD-A5C6-4025-B928-42B13807E4F8.thumb.jpeg.62e4b4419d88bca6ea3263848a86fc52.jpegCFE2887A-1EBA-4F69-9645-55F3B3CEBE07.thumb.jpeg.70f0548e7117fdb9f51a882ad08c2955.jpeg

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5 minutes ago, nicklesndimes said:

is "tales from the crypt" any good? i literally haven't seen one since the original airing on HBO back in the 90s.

It depends on what you like

a lot of practical effects and prosthetics

gets more cheesy as the seasons progress

the story telling is still cool tho because they’re from comics


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