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Best shit to watch on streaming services - 2020 edition!

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Surprised @misteravenhasn't posted this one:     I highly recommend watching both 1st, and 2nd seasons, the 3rd hasn't dropped yet.

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Just finished this over the holiday weekend..... and holy fuck.  I highly recommend.  It's not because the cinematography or acting was particularly good but the story is entertaining.




How to Fix a Drug Scandal.


Two people with similar jobs but different motivations cause a wreck for criminals and politicians alike.

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1 hour ago, Drue_Down said:

I’ve rewatched this show 4-5 times this past year.




he's just lost most of his back catalogue on netflix in Australia because he did a lot of brownface stuff.


dude is a fucking loon.

can only watch him in small doses



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Someone said Netflix movies are shot with the intention of being .GIF’d so the scenes can be turned into memes. And now that I’m watching them through that lens, it looks to be incredibly true. 




also- Totem Fangs in the background of this Russell Crowe joint Den Of Thieves 





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@misteraven- I've been watching this with my gf, it's pretty damn good.




Funny enough the woke culture got him last week on Aug 19th w/ stories coming out about Discovery channel having to distance themselves from the homophobic song that Marty Raney released in a 1997 album he made. 


Better not have ever done anything that anyone can bring back up ever.  We're all living in the past these days.


Anyway, Homestead Rescue is a fucking excellent show if you like living on your own land and being responsible for your own survival.

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Finished S1 of Dexter today. Pretty good. I guess S1 is based off a book and all other seasons were written by Showtime.... so I bet S2 is the beginning of the soap opera shit. Used to have a GF who watched this shit while it was still on the air. Don’t remember which season that would’ve been.. maybe 5. Very soap opera-y. Hopefully I can get some more enjoyment out of it before it hits that point. 

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