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Best shit to watch on streaming services - 2020 edition!

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Surprised @misteravenhasn't posted this one:     I highly recommend watching both 1st, and 2nd seasons, the 3rd hasn't dropped yet.

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13 hours ago, Fist 666 said:

Cosign Living with Yourself.


I watched a trailer for "I Think You Should Leave" and immediately ruled it out, maybe I'll have to try an episode.

Hands down the funniest sketch show rn


Living with yourself, can I get that 8 hours back

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I was excited about Witcher until I watched the trailer. I’ll probably still watch it, cones out in a few days I think.  

just rewatched altered carbon on Netflix. Not sure why more people don’t love that one. It’s a good ride. Debating on reading the books. 

I really dig the first season of castlvania on Netflix. It’s like 4 episodes long. The follow up was ok but first was better imo. 

@misteraventotally agree with you on the stranger things front. I feel like they have stretched that novelty to it’s breaking point and season 3 was a bit stale. It’s to be expected I guess since it’s basically a rehash of 80s movies plots. To me it just feels like they are checking off a list of pop culture novelties. 

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I feel a bit weird admitting this but I give a lot of value to the


"OOntzer quality meter" when it comes to TV/movies etc.


hasn't steered me too far wrong yet.


 so with that in mind going to check out Living with Yourself.

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1 minute ago, KILZ FILLZ said:

You don’t have subtitles on at all times? @Kults

Almost never. Unless its something I really want to see I usually just have it running while Im playing some CoD. If it turns out to be good I'll watch it again and focus on it that time. I just generally don't want to read a movie? Miss all the the facial expressions and nuance, I'm not into it. May as well read a fkn book at that point.


I do acknowledge I miss out on a ton of great stuff because of this arbitrary limitation I've imposed on myself, but I'm alright with that.

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