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got that snip snip

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Wife brought it up once.   I was like hell fuckin no.    End of story. 

I can’t tell if this is starting to feel like the old 12oz or if we’re actually in uncharted territory. 

did it a few years ago. was less painful than getting accidentally hit in the balls. easy recovery. just followed doctors orders. got two kids. don't need/want anymore.    by far one of

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On 12/9/2019 at 11:44 PM, Drue_Down said:

Make sure the peas bag is also in a ziplock, one bag melted and the peas peed on me.


i didn’t get a pain killer prior, I got prescribed a Valium. I had male doctor and a female nurse, they worked simultaneously. I looked up at the ceiling, at one point I saw a little smoke and freaked out. They kept talking about football with me,  STFU and snip my shit already, so I can get my scripts.

I thought they were ginna give me valium but when i got there they said "no we dont do that" 💩 i got a rx of tramadol but took leftover suboxone instead for the pain.

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This has been an interesting read. (However I think I missed where @Fist 666mentions  poly/swingin


i Knew a guy- He was dull a a cheap wet paper towel. Beside not educated, book wise his street sense wasn’t about shit either.  

He got shipped and was upset when he learned he still had (ejaculate) exit his body. He thought he would get dry orgasms or some shit. 


I got fixed. Probably 15 years ago. A method called Essure. $50 co-pay. In the office. They administer a valum upon entrance. Wait. Procedure. Go home. Rest. Work next day. 100% effective( if you follow directions) and 100% irreversible. 


Tiny nickel coils inserted into the opening (from uterus to Fallopian tube) with a camera (which goes through vagina>cervix>uterus up in there to find openings and I got to watch the whole thing. Inside the uterus looks like a what you imagine the inside  of a pink balloon while inflated. The most painful part was the air they puff inside to open everything up. I cussed and flinched a bit. NO SEX FOR THREE MONTHS. AT ALL. after three months, you go in for an X-ray with indicator dye to see if the procedure took (your body naturally scars around coils and the scar dye under X-ray will show if there are any openings) 

i have a card that has the coils registered number on them for airport/courtroom  clearance. (And if my body is ever decomposed in some forest those coils will be traced back to me) 


thank you for your inner thoughts on the topic, those that have considered or went through with it. 



Best decision ever. 


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On 12/10/2019 at 5:05 AM, Hua Guofang said:

Lol, was wondering if the pull out and pre-cum argument was about to reignite and bam, DAO rocks back on in with a new controversy. 

shit is real again. 

Pullout game is real. Both my kids were on purpose. Still remember the nut that made the second one.
The IUD is just a bonus. She got on that after the second one. 

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23 hours ago, DRUNKEN-ASSHOLE-ONER said:

Pullout game is real. Both my kids were on purpose. Still remember the nut that made the second one.
The IUD is just a bonus. She got on that after the second one. 

Wow what a disappointment why did you come back as a buster

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I thought so, keep filter feeding Cornbread’s shit you bitchass dude, you always wanna say some wack ass shit, go back to hitting your wife’s face your fucking buster, don’t respond you’re a hoe ass dude, everyone is tough when they move to Texas 

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In other news.....The time has come for this snippety talk bullshit in my own personal life and I'm feeling all kinds of ways about it. On the one hand I'm not trying to even think about losing my authentic nut juice. On the other hand I am fucking horrified that I have yet again another seed on the way and I for damn sure refuse to ever even risk the possibility. I'm not mad. Just pissed my pull out game has gotten so weak in my older years. Anyways. My chick can do the birth control thing anymore for health and mental health reasons so thats out. And so is tube typing because that shit barely works. Scary thought, brehs. 

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