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Backpacking, Hiking, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Off-Roading -•- all things nature lover thread


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Im not a huge ‘planner’ when it comes to vacations/trips especially camping n shit.  As long as I have a start and end point I’ll figure the rest out as I go. 

but we are planning another cross country camp trip most likely end of July/begin of august. Normally we just throw everything in the car and jam  out bit this one is gonna require a slight more planning. 

we are flying back to Vegas to get the dogs and hopefully my daughter will be able to meet us in Vegas and roll along. We plan on upgrading our camp stuff this year so we though about once we land in Vegas to gear up with whatever we didn’t pack up and fly with. Def upgrading the tent. Sleep bags. We have some cook equipment that we left in Vegas. I don’t think my kid has been tent camping and I haven’t really been able to spend time with her so I hope she can go. She’s a lil city girl now so this is gonna be great hahaha 

We are aiming for North Platte. (Departing from Las Vegas)  We have a fav campsite up round there that we will spend a few days at. Then cut across to Pittsburgh. But we’ll probably make one stop before that, for one night. 


Normally when I drive across country I always shot the 15 up to my home town in Utah which is directly along one of these routes. I ain’t trying to fuckin visit n stop by a bunch of people. So I’m gonna x the middle route out. Which means going up through Utah into Wyoming or cuttin through Colorado.  

wouldnt camping in Wyoming be a lil more windy? It’s the one weather I loathe 

I haven’t really been good at finding off the grid camp spots and am open to suggestions. 
We’ve never reserved a spot prior to entering but our last few times out-that factor added a slight level of difficulty and some minor frustration and am wondering if it’s worth it. 

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With Covid 19 def check in advance about camp sites and availability.  Don't know where that's at now but when this shit started I saw some spots being closed or limited in capacity.  My buddy did a lot of driving from NV East and always talked about heading off on BLM spots.

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On 2/19/2020 at 1:36 PM, aimer said:

Damn, I need to get out and do some proper adventure trips again with some hiking

Not sure if these count for this thread, but hot summer & young kids mean most of my recent camping trips have been family friendly ones 4x4ing up and down the coast finding decent spots to set up for a few days for fishing & diving










 come back @aimer



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On 2/9/2021 at 11:20 AM, Schnitzel said:

 come back @aimer


Yoooo! I’m still lurking 

Spent most of January overlanding and exploring the South West coast of Aus then spent most of February catching up in what id missed at work hahaha 











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Was leaving some stuff off at a Goodwill drop off point and swooped this up. Someone else left it there. Brand new never used. Now I have two of these. 



check out the ancient mantles that were in the box














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