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NOW HIRING - 12ozProphet Job and internship opportunities...


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Not to break my own rules and solicit, but it is 12oz related so...


It's honestly a little early to post this, but then again things take time and thought I'd give the 12oz community a first crack at this. As you guys know, I spent all of last year setting up a screenprinting facility that launched this year. More here: https://12ozcollective.com


Anyhow, I need all the help I can get and if we were still based out of NYC, I'd have a pretty hefty crew. After leaving and especially after shutting down to regroup and relaunching, I've started with a clean slate and have been steadily building things back up. Honestly I can use a ton of help across a diversity of areas and disciplines but now have an opportunity for the right candidate. This individual will largely be assisting with all aspects of the screenprinting business, which largely overlaps with 12ozProphet since we're producing our own stuff. A creative background would be awesome, but not critical. Likewise, screenprinting (automated presses) or offset printing experience would be a huge plus, but also not required. We (I) can help train you on all the equipment, processes and work flow. In addition to screenprinting, you would also be assisting with behind the scenes aspects of the 12ozProphet brand, with particular emphasis on your qualifications and interests.


The opportunity will require you to relocate to us. I'll be honest, this is position is best suited to someone younger that isn't carrying a ton of debt or a committed relationship / kid. Room and board will be provided at minimum, but depending on the candidate and their background, travel expense and salary in addition to full room and board is negotiable.


This is the chance to get down at the ground level of something special we're doing for the next chapter of 12ozProphet. I'm looking for committed, loyal and ambitious people that are interested in learning a shit ton across a wide scope of brand and production business and willing to work extra hard to help make it happen. 


If you're interested, please private message and we'll discuss things in more detail. Likewise, if you know someone that's young and eager, good people and excited to likely learn and experience far more than what you generally get from a 4 year college degree... Point them to this thread.



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Hey everyone, there's a handful of very promising responses to the offer, so going through them now.


Last week was a busy as fuck, which is also why I've been mostly missing on here, but finally getting caught up so I'll start getting back to people today at some point.


That being said, I still encourage anyone interested to message me. Some responses are based upon a seasonal availability, which got me thinking that it makes sense to maybe staff up for the busier times of year or put together a summer program or something similar. Anyhow, reach out if you're interested and able.



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Going to bump this post.


We have one person scheduled to come out full time in the next month or two and a couple others I've been talking to about summer with. That said, there's a few conversations I'm having regarding big screen printing work, so have a feeling we're going to start getting pretty busy over the next couple months. 


Feel free to share a link or @ someone that you think could be a good fit.


Private message me and I'll pass my email and we can go into specific detail, but if you have any general questions, feel free to post.

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So going to bump this thread...


I had three candidates, including someone with massive experience and contacts that qualified a salaried position all go sideways on me. This whole pandemic has obviously made a mess of shit. Anyhow, I'm going to start talking to some industry people about lining up our next steps since our print shop was setup to be socially distanced from the getgo. I'll also probably put this on social media soon.


So that being said, here's a last chance for the 12oz community to step up and have an early conversation before I open this opportunity up to a far wider demographic. If you or someone you know is interested and has something to contribute, we have a pretty amazing setup that is very well insulated from all that madness out there. Share this thread, tag people and DM me to discuss.



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