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Benching with Schnitzel (Aussie freights)

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little bump  glad to see this beauty still running! Looks a little drab at the moment since it's covered in dust but a bit of a rain shower and it's great!

HI Aimer,    those aren't actually autoracks those are just container cars. sorry didn't mean to mislead you   I think australian autpracks looks more like this: Cosign

I Love this KTN it's been running for years!    @One Man Bannedhere's another one of the  famous moniker wholecars  

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been lurking this thread for a while but made an account finally to say thanks, good work and keep it up!

many good catches here. I wish I had the patience/drive to bench more, but I struggle to find reliable times - it seems what one can find online is often far from accurate.

peace ✌️

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Posted (edited)
On 9/10/2020 at 5:43 PM, kilo_mike_sierra said:

I wish I had the patience/drive to bench more, but I struggle to find reliable times - it seems what one can find online is often far from accurate.

peace ✌️

I Live close to the track so can generally hear the trains coming.


 But yeah online info not reliable compared to the old trackers now sadly shut down.


IMG_8605 2.JPG







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On 10/8/2020 at 3:21 PM, Schnitzel said:

But yeah online info not reliable compared to the old trackers now sadly shut down.

I've heard about this mysterious tracker on Railpage and other forums. I don't know much about it. It seemed like it was originally designed for the freight companies and their clients to track their cargo? And it fell into the hands of gunzels over the years? Sounds like a writer's wet dream for knowing the times of crossing loops... would save a lot of time/effort lol. 

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47 minutes ago, nicklesndimes said:

strange. i just googled it myself after seeing your query...it's a name for an aussie foamer lol


I thought they just went with trainspotters, but I guess trainspotters= railfan : gunzel= foamer

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On 11/12/2020 at 5:30 AM, Ko SprueOne said:

The freight stock in Australia look like scale model trains. Nothing negative intended by that. Just an observation I find interesting

Don't be fooled, SCT and Sadleirs boxcars are pretty large carriages. And the double-stacked containers on intermodal wagons are a mighty impressive site when the train is charging through rural/remote outback areas. It's definitely a different look to models overseas though. We do have coal-trains and stuff but just in different parts of the country. The Perth - Adelaide - Melbourne route is a lot of intermodal wagons, box-cars, steel wagons and SCTs.


Side note, I'm such a little fangirl slut for the styles WLS, TC, RS dudes rock (And plenty of others of course... won't name individual names). It's sort of a modern twist on OG NYC subway graff, except it's getting a life of it's own with Aussie freights. The SCTs were pretty much untouched like 10 years ago and now we've sorta had our own little secondary 'train revolution' (After our metros decades ago of course), except it's on our freights.


I just find those styles so much cooler and flat out fresher than the sub-par 'burner graff' your typical gym-junkie, Monster Energy snapback wearing, peaked-at-20, ice-pipe smoking tradie battlers pump out. You know... the dudes who love talking shit on "HIPSTER GRAFFF" because they're looking to start drama like highschool kids. Could also just be tall-poppy syndrome (In true Aussie fashion), because I think it's reasonable to attribute a lot of this 'freight revolution' (For lack of a better word... trying to not cringe at myself) to the dudes painting those funky public styles. It's clear from these photos, videos online, and benching in real life that it's pretty common now.


Personal preference of course... I just find a lot of  Australian graffiti a bit stagnate or mediocre. Of course not all graff has to be excellent... but when I see some of the ugly anti-styles, or the funky public styles (Or subway styles whatever the fuck you wanna call it) rolling past, it puts a massive smile on my face and I can't explain why. My preference is always that less is more... so much skillful to burn with simple letters and colours, than to dress up an average straight or burner with 10 colours. No hate to anyone painting whatever style of course... just being an armchair critic.


Rant over. Hopefully not derailing the thread too much Schnitzel... been inside a lot lately and just figured this is like the only active Aussie freight thread on here.

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Thanks for your insight.


I web-searched standard rail gauge in Australia and it's also 4'-8.5" so same size carriages especially those Well Cars. They carry the international standard containers.


Also mentioned is, 5'-3". What is that guage used for?

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