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Cool Vans - Conversions, Sprinters, Overlanding and nomad life on 4 wheels


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4 minutes ago, Dirty_habiT said:

Lol that little truck is way underpowered to be carrying that much weight.  I bet it slows down going up steep hills on the highway.

those mismatching hub caps and mags tho ❤️

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On 3/11/2020 at 6:15 PM, Dirty_habiT said:

I like that one.... clean and simple..... and I'm usually not a fan of rims but those look good.

Check out the system with the reserve cans on the back


if it really belongs to a seal, which I believe based on the part of the city I saw it, the thing is totally purpose built while still being a bit of a sleeper. Me gusta

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The reason that bus gives off pedo vibes is because it still looks like a bus.  It's wheels/tires, lift kit, and paint job.


If it were me, I would have converted:

  • the exterior lighting to spot/flood lights
  • to a stronger (dually) rear end
  • bumpers barring they could not just be purchased
  • some of the windows to flat panels
  • the cab overhang and entire rounded top to a railed - storage rack that is accessible through a top hatch in the bus
  • any gasoline engine in this thing to the diesel turbo one that would fit
  • to a less tall lift kit

I would have gotten rid of:

  • any exterior ladders
  • that swinging stop sign on the side
  • the big stupid mirror

I've seen too many buses that were simply painted black in the similar fashion to how that one was just painted white.  I don't have one (yet) but I have ideas for when I do.  Ok I spent too much time thinking about how to make a short bus bad ass this morning.  Thank you for listening to my ted talk.

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