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What do y'all do with your old t-shirts?


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So, I got some t-shirts that are getting beyond wearable outside the house (some unwearable inside the house tbh) and instead of just binning them or using them for rags, I'm wondering if anyone has come up with good uses for them?


Most of them are screen printed graphic tees ..... 


So how can I give them a second life?

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I've got you bro.

* Cut the sleeves off an use them to annoy your gf, unless you're the kind of person that already wears sleeveless t-shirts.

* Use them as rags for wood polishing.

* Use them to assist in starting fires.

* Tie them around your head/face like a ninja, there are tutorials online.


In before someone suggests cutting the graphics out and putting them on your jean jacket/messenger bag as patches.

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I am pretty sure it was somewhere here in Ch0 (in that "life hacks" sort-of thread) that somebody recommended keeping those under the sink to have ready as single-use bong-water soak-up things.

Now I don't smoke bong any more but gotta say that was one good piece of advice I got here on this very forum, these things come handy more often than you'd think!

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1 hour ago, Fist 666 said:

Wear them til you can't.

I've got a few shirts that I've had since high school (so coming up on 20 year old shirts) that I still wear to my wife's disappointment. 

Here here.  

If you still get up you can throw them on for that.  

I get a laugh sometimes when I see a newly reproduced concert shirt faded to look vintage that I had as the original, like damn I shouldn't have let that go.


Posted this a while ago


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