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The project car thread


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So, I've got my Lexus up to bat next.  Tomorrow I'm going to remove the turbo and continue removing parts to get the engine/transmission out together.  My biggest hurdle is going to be keeping the a/c system intact without evacuating the refrigerant.  It can be done but you have to be careful.


I have another IS300 engine I pulled at the junkyard on my garage floor right now ready to be put in the car, EXCEPT I'm at a junction of what to do.  I don't know what failed inside the motor I'm removing, that's a key point.


Do I, install the engine that is stock back into the car w/ my turbo shit on it, not knowing what failed or why it failed.... and hope that the same thing doesn't happen, meanwhile upgrading/rebuilding the engine that I've removed from the car?




Do I crack open this motor that I have that I know probably runs just fine, that I got from the junkyard, and upgrade it.... prior to doing any of this other engine removal work.  The idea here would be to just upgrade the engine and put the motor "I want" to put in the car now by building the bottom end now.  This will cost a little bit more money because I will have to buy forged pistons to put on the GTE rods (my engine is a GE) sooner rather than later.


What do you guys think?  I won't say which option I'm leaning more towards because I want to hear your opinions.

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I hadnt really worked on my ride for a bit but I finally got some time to do a thing or two. 


As with any old car they have a distinctive smell. Well this one is no different aside from the fact that A mouse or two called this fucker home at some point in its life.  Which I knew because there was a hole in the headliner from god knows when


On those hot humid days you definitely know there was a fuckin mouse nest in the headliner. That my friends is a 63 year old headliner stain with mouse piss 


not pictured was 3 big ass mouse nest. These fuckers were living in luxury



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