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NFL 2019/2020 + off season


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what the fuck lol , need to ask the doctors in the fam if they got manning family thank you cards . I wonder if they flipĀ 


raiders skipped town and I only rooted for em due to my popsĀ being a LA Raiders fanĀ .Ā Most my fam areĀ raiders/rams pplĀ but I aintĀ joiningĀ the rams legion . Never switched teams before but IĀ watched theĀ eagles loseĀ to the Seahawks at my cuzzoā€™sĀ bedsideĀ before he passedĀ a week later , gonna root for his team since here on out sinceĀ heā€™s a diehard philly eagles fan .

was always hyped on desean Jackson , LB poly brejrenĀ and LA bred !Ā 


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@KILZ FILLZPsure no one in LA county gets eagles games , there could be some eagles bar or somethingĀ Iā€™m unaware of but shits changedĀ now since they moved the rams n chargers here . lots of rams/chargers fans now (completelyĀ understandable/makes sense)


I think my cuz had someĀ NFL game pass subscriptionĀ -Ā Iā€™m aĀ bball head so Iā€™m assuming itā€™s the equivalent of the NBA league pass where they have diff tiers availableĀ (either one team/every game or every team/every gameĀ for more $ type ish)Ā 


hotdudes.org (this is a legit stream page - I feel like the name has kept them under the radar lmao) wouldĀ streamĀ the mostĀ popular sportingĀ competition at any given time on their site (usually USA sports) .Ā Caught almost every nba game I wanted to watch on thereĀ so Iā€™m gonna try again whenĀ thisĀ NFL season starts .Ā they would chooseĀ between the more hypedĀ optionĀ if there were two games at the same time iirc


If all else fails I would literally search ā€œreddit nba streamā€ on google , and I eventually followed the trail to what I was looking for .Ā Iā€™ll do myĀ due diligence when the season starts and seek outĀ whoā€™s runningĀ the best no bs NFLĀ live streamĀ - will shareĀ it here when I find it cuz Iā€™m sure itā€™s out there just gotta dig a bitĀ 

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