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NFL 2019/2020 + off season


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@KILZ FILLZi played it 2 season at my old job because the guys i worked with wanted to give it a try. 8 man league, i didnt watch a single game and almost won it. im sure theres more skill that goes into it but i honestly just checked it once a week and then forgot about it until the next week. at my new job, people are really super into it. it doesnt do anything for me. i suggested cause it seems like something that people here would be into.

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@diggitywe used to have a few different oontz leagues back in the day. I think two per season.


Yea, 8 man league is a good time. Plenty of players available on waivers if one of your guys goes down with injury or sucks. 12 man league is usually standard to prevent that. 


I don't take it too seriously. In one league with the same group of friends each season and my office is doing a league this season as well. I took a couple years off a bit ago because it wasn't allowing me to really enjoy the games. More focused on the players I had and THIER performance than just watching the competition. 

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Thats part of the reason as well. As a young man i didnt have the brain bandwidth to start keeping tabs on every player from every team who was good. I just wanted to watch football. Through the years certain players have obviously stuck out to me, but i’ve never been one of those “this guy was a 3rd round pick from Notre dame blah blah blah,” type of people.


For instance, being from New England and a Pats fan, i sort of became a Browns fan through the years just because they sucked so bad and their fans are diehards. I just wanted to see some wins under their belt. I happened to be watching the game they first stuck in Mayfield and instantly thought “oh shit, this dude is good, they’d be stupid as fuck to let this kid go.” Been following him more ever since. 


He also quoted “I dont know what to do with my hands” from Talladega Nights in his post game interview and i thought “yup, sold, i like him.” Haha. 





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