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How often do people mention your handwriting?


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When does anybody handwrite anything anymore these days??


So to answer your question: basically never.


One delivery guy made a comment on my signature the other day when I was signing for a parcel though,

not sure he appreciated the sick stylez or rather just noticed that I wasn't able to stay in the designated rectangle. 


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4 hours ago, abrasivesaint said:

Every so often. Usually along the lines of “you have nice handwriting for a man..” 


i think they’re secretly assuming i’m gay. 

I get "you've got really nice handwriting" literally all the fucking time. 


The compliment that sucks is "you write like a girl"



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13 minutes ago, Fist 666 said:

I'm like @NightmareOnElmStreet, I've got multiple handwriting styles. The one in use to put write things for the suggestion box at work is not the nice one.


My grocery list hand is barely legible and takes as much time to decipher as it saves time to make the list in the first place... 

LOL. “Grocery list hand”!!! ??????

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6 hours ago, Fist 666 said:

It comes up, but not too often.  Between rap letters and an architecture degree my all caps approach just looks cleaner than any of my coworkers chickenscratch. 

Right? I use to catch so much shit in school for writing in all caps. I was an Urban Studies major so not Architecture but in that realm as well.

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I rarely, rarely write anything by hand anymore. It's all digital. However, about two years ago I had to set a new hire up at my job with equipment. I had to write ...I forget what the fuck it was, on a sheet of paper for her. She looked at it and said, "Wow! You have such cool handwriting! It looks like graffiti!"


My handwriting is pretty neat but some letters have little twists to them. I just responded, "Meh... maybe in a past life or something." Thought the normie comment was funny though.

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I took a blue printing class about 10 yrs ago in tradeschool. They basically teach you how to write letters all over again, just like when you were a kid. That shit fucking saved my chicken scratch and now I regularly get comments like others have said, "nice for a guy" whatever that means. 


All caps, Uniform spacing, uniform height and width. Cursive is fuckin flawless too. 

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I think I had come in once before,@misteravenbut didn't post anything, for whatever reason. 


Not sure why, but I've always had decent handwriting. I rarely, if ever, write in cursive anymore, and instead choose to mostly write in print. Like most, my chicken scratch is illegible to anyone but me, but my everyday print is clean. Like Raven said, it can often look like it was done on a computer. 


Somewhat like @Fist 666my background is in architecture and design. By somewhat I mean that since childhood I have had a "thing" for architecture and design. I chose the latter as a profession but my love for architecture still runs deep. I used to study drawings and site plans as a kid and would redraw them in my scketchbooks, making up my own house designs from time to time, but it was the written print that is synonymous with architecture that I latched onto. And I found the more I mimicked the print, the more natural it became. Then when I started writing Graffiti my print became this mash-up of Graffiti print mixed with architecture print. Then sometime in the late 90s I made a conscious effort to clean my handwriting up, and it's been the same ever since. 


Back when Handselecta was putting together true Graffiti fonts I was approached about putting a font together for them. I didn't really understand the desire for my handwriting to be associated with Graffiti as it definitely has a more architecture feel than it does Graffiti, but I went with it. I was asked to write the alphabet a few times, and write a couple pangrams, and they made my print into a font. 


This is from the Handselecta website, but it's honestly what my everyday print looks like...



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yeeks I would love to have that my writing is abysmal


absolutely abysmal 


 iI 4th grade my teacher had a huge thing about calligraphy so made us all write with ink pens and gave us sheets to copy blah blah blah. I think I was one that he kind of gave up on.


Remember reading Tempt form Los Angeles saying "nothing is more embarrassing than calling yourself a writer and your hand jive is all sloppy"



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I used to do receiving in a warehouse setting. So I constantly got to flex letters and numbers all day long. 


I’ve been told I have nice hand writing a few times I can recall, but it’s probably because my aunt has the cleanest penmanship and calligraphy and I always wanted to emulate it.

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