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Boris The Butcher

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On 7/27/2019 at 1:50 PM, Boris The Butcher said:

Brehs, I am a goddamn beast with this boxing shit. I went back to the old bball gym I used to go to years ago. It was about five years ago when I last went there. So I am out there with the fibraz and stylations everywhere. But seriously, this dude came up to me as I was watching one of the games and he was all like do you remember me. I told him yeah and he put his hand out and we did the whole handslap come in for half hug thing. However, once this dude got into close quarters, I noticed he put his other hand on my deltoid, that is the shoulder muscle for you retards that don't know. I turned and he was like 'damn you got cut man.' I instantly pushed him, but he had like a gay strength hold so he didn't go flying back. 


Many of ya'll know I ain't the one for homo desires so I was like 'what the fuck!' and dude looked around nervously and was all like 'chill.' then he apologized and as he was saying how sorry and 'confused' he was, I don't know brehs, something in me just didn't want to hear it. I literally looked at him and said 'you know what, you're finished.' stole on him right in the right pectoral and he passed the fuck out, screaming like a bitch. Like, he was unconsciously screaming while knocked out. Two of the dudes that work there ran up and I jumped up in the air and gave them that bruce lee double split kick thing you see in the movies and I had never done that before. After that, it was on. Brehs, I kid you not when I say I had to battle my way to the exit and was giving them hands out with military precision. The thing is, I didn't respect their power so I just took whatever they had in order to land my own shit. Dudes was falling out left and right and somebody had their pit up there in the gym and let it loose and it jumped at me off the bleachers and I gave it one crescent chop in midair and snapped its shit all the way up. By the time I had made it to the civic, it must have been like five of them muthafuckas out cold and one of these faggots had managed to rip my wifebeater too. Adrenaline is still pumping as I type this. Discuss and ask questions if you wish.




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Brehs I was out fishing today by the ocean and I overheard this bill nye looking fellow wearing cargo shorts and hiking boots telling his son how dangerous sharks are and to not go into the water, So I approached him and told him and his son that only pussies fear animals, What you want to do with a shark is give it one of your arms, same as with a dog. Once it latches on, you apply a blood choke and cut off its air supply. If you are a trained boxer like I am, you could go straight for the body with either hand. Of course, since theres a good chance any encounter with a shark will be underwater, you will need better than average core strength to generate the knockout power. It is definitely doable though if you can hold a plank maneuver for five hours, you have the core strength to knock out a shark. His son looked at me with tears in his eyes then looked at his dad and said why can't you be more like him dad, I put my sunglasses back on and walked away------Discuss 

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