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Boris The Butcher

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Was thinking about this shit with my fighting skills and a full-body kevlar vest, I could probably fuck up a gorilla brehs------


With this stipulation: he is not allowed to 'rush into my body' to knock me over. That really is the only way they can win and if you take it away, then I will come home with the victory. The win is either by knockout or by forcing the opponent to run away. Here is my proof that I can win: if he cannot knock me down, then I will automatically stay on my feet, meaning my boxing skills will be the deciding factor I have apocalyptic power in both hands. And of course, since I am a boxer of immense talent, my footwork is immaculate, so it's doubtful that he could even get a takedown to begin with. Also, with the kevlar suit, his teeth will be meaningless and his blows will only make me stronger. 


A gorilla can only kill by knocking you down and biting or punching you. He also may try tearing you apart, but again, I have the suit on, so I will be immune to it. This is how it will go, the gorilla will try to rush me to knock me over, he will find it is disallowed, he will try to stand and trade. Having no training, his blows will be ineffective and weak. The fear and panic will begin to mount within him as he sees me smiling with steely determination. Then I will knock him the fuck out at my leisure. If someone can actually show me how my logic has failed, then I will paypal you some money. You won't be able to though. Discuss-----------111




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Can someone post the link to the news story, without linking it here on the forum.  The reason being, analytics will show that people are visiting the video from this forum.  We can paste into our URL bar, we're smart enough for that.


@Boris The Butcher- I think you're one of my new favorite members.  I like your confidence and the fact that you've honed a primal skill that can benefit anyone in life to know and be good at.  Plus, your attitude is funny.  I would like to hear more stories about how people made mistakes in crossing you.

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