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Officially Official - The 12ozProphet Reunion Tee and the return of the 12oz Forum.


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The 12ozProphet Forum Reunion tee is being released as a celebration of the 12oz community as well as a nod of respect to key members that have contributed to its legacy. Further, the release of this tee is also intended to be a rallying cry


Many of us are waking up to realize what we’ve lost when we traded niche online communities like 12ozProphet for the easy to access, endless stream of bite sized content found on social media. 


We’re discovering that we’ve handed over ownership of our online relationships to mega corporations that continue to sell out our privacy and sell off our profiles for incredible profits, without consequence. 


We’re beginning to understand that we’ve forfeited meaningful online conversations in exchange for a relentless contest of “likes”, with engagement measured in double taps and the prize being a “follow”. 


Now we’re finding out that the algorithms that hold it all together aren’t just promoting the accounts that suit them or pay to play, but that they also suppresses the people and content that don’t.


We’re now seeking to undo the damage; to reestablish the community and to bring the conversation back home to 12oz.


Please join us.




NOTE: This release is being run as a PRESALE that will run for two weeks July 24 - August 7th). Shirts will begin shipping soon after. We have no idea what the response will be and we want to ensure it reaches as many people as possible and is accessible. This is not about making money or we wouldn’t be offering it for $12. This is about spreading awareness and rebuilding the 12ozProphet Community.


You are free to further support our efforts by buying the 12ozProphet Forum Reunion tee at the standard cost of $40. To celebrate the community, spread awareness and amplify our efforts to reestablish the 12oz Forum, we are also offering coupon codes that will allow you to buy this tee at a deep discount.


- If your name appears on this shirt, you have the option to buy it at $12. You just need to login to the forum and ask for it in this thread or private message @misteraven here on the 12oz Forum. You will be sent a coupon code that allows you to buy this shirt for $12. You’re free to buy extras if you’d like, but the discount will only apply to one shirt, one time. To verify if your name is on this shirt, you can search a text version of the list in the second comment of this thread.



- If your name does not appear on this shirt, you can get a coupon code for $12 off. You just need to register or login to the forum and ask for it in this thread or private message @misteraven here on the 12oz Forum. You will be sent a coupon code that allows you to buy this shirt for $12 off the standard $40 price. You’re free to buy extras if you’d like, but the discount will only apply to one shirt, one time.


Whether you chose to pay full price or buy it with a coupon code… Whether you buy one tee or several… Whether you choose to buy something else or skip out altogether and just join in on the forum... I greatly appreciate your support. With your help, we can do this. Please help get the word out. 


PURCHASE LINK - https://12ozprophet.com/products/12ozprophet-forum-reunion-tee


12ozProphet Shop Link - https://12ozprophet.com/collections/shop




To read more about our efforts with this, please check out the following forum threads...


Time To Rally Up…



12ozProphet Forum T-Shirt (Original Thread)



Has the social media revolution devolved conversation?

















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This forum is supported by the 12ozProphet Shop, so go buy a shirt and help support!
This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

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7 minutes ago, DETO said:


Cool... I'm trying my best to keep this organized and plan is to assemble a list so I can do this in batches. I'm slammed with still fully setting this up, so please give me until later today to start sending out codes.



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Appreciate all the support everyone and glad you guys dig what I'm doing / trying to do...


Again, I can't reiterate strong enough the importance of spreading the word... Reaching out to people and telling them 12ozProphet is back and that we're bringing the conversation home. Sharing a couple key links and just pounding in the message that we're taking back control of our online profiles and privacy, as well as our online friendships and conversations.


Please help me spread that message. Share the photos, repost and just keep pushing that message out there. We're making obvious progress here and same way we made our mark back in the day, we can use our foundation here to build something even more significant if we rally up and make it happen.

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5 minutes ago, LUGR said:

Code please and thank you.


How do your shirts fit? I bounce between L and XL depending on brand. Hip hop fit or hipster fit?

Hip Hop fit, but read the product page... There’s measurements for each size. Will send another batch out as soon as I get to my computer (hour or so). 


Thanks for supporting!

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I’ve genuinely been enjoying checking back into the site. I browsed a few months ago briefly but that was it. I’ve recently deleted any social media besides Instagram and even deleted my streaming services save for Spotify. I use audible but just keep fucking with the free trials.. 


so this came at a great time to divert my attention. 

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