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It’s collecting for scarcity or the perceived value of collectors rather than the commodity value of the metal. I’ve got a fair amount of silver I collected for the metal value, but the bullion is still all sealed so might have a bit of numismatic value from not being circulated (American Eagle silver dollars). Been actually considering selling them to raise capital but not sure it would be worth it. 

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I don't think collecting metal is enough to amass a large amount of wealth.  Most of what I see people do is use their money to make more money.  The growth rate of metals is pretty slow compared to more volatile places you could put money, but it's also a piece of metal you can hold in your hand.  There are pros/cons.  I have an uncle that collects silver but I'm not entirely sure it's a good long term plan.  I admittedly don't understand it as well as he does so there may be some angle I'm not giving credit to.


I collect:


BMX bikes

Turbo cars

Reef tanks

Video games



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16 hours ago, abrasivesaint said:


Awesome find



13 hours ago, LUGR said:

The first Cab boards you posted is something I always wanted as a kid. Never got one.


I collect stickers (not graffiti related) and lower/mid range priced knives. Very casual collector for both categories.

Yeah man that was my first board I got as a kid. The red one. This particular series of decks are called 'Ban this". 


6 hours ago, abrasivesaint said:

PS: kind of funny you posted you collect the Cab boards because Cab was on the Nine Club podcast today. Intentional? 

No not intentional. I still need to watch it.


5 hours ago, earmuffs said:

This was the first brand new board I ever got. Think I was in the sixth grade.  

The Hawk medallion. When the shape came out it was controversially.  

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4 hours ago, misteraven said:

So assuming you aren’t just collecting for silver, but rather for numismatic value?

Pretty much yeah. The goal is to amass 10's of thousands worth of it and when my kids get older they can fight over who gets to keep em. Or they can sell em if they ever get in trouble or need the quick cash.

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FVHS. When my wife and I first moved to the west coast, we were broke af and this was simple retail therapy we could afford. Plus I love movies. 


At at this point I own over 2500 VHS. Some rarities in there: Fitzceraldo, Cannibal Holocaust,  unopened CBS/FOX Empire Strikes Back, etc.


also, mid century science and philosophy texts. Their covers were always so incredible from a design perspective. 

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18 hours ago, Schnitzel said:

Graffiti magazines and publications.


I'm getting quite a good library. (only about 1/2 the magazines shown in the pic.


Always looking for old magazines especially xerox'ed era fanzines about graff. tallking MOVE, SFM,Old UK zines Things like that 


 Holy grail is Gasmask zine from Finland but I believe the biggest issue only had 30 copies so I'm never likely to get one.


In about 7 months we're doing renovations so all the mags are heading into a nice area  with books etc in my studio/Mancave will start taking much better care of them.


I spy some good Stuff there. Gold no hostage and an old UP mag

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