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3 hours ago, Mr.Maker said:

Lets see what you collect. 


I collect vintage skateboards. If anyone has boards collecting dust in a garage somewhere please message me. Seriously.






















Fuck yes! The canal in a city i lived in had been very low when i visited recently and i saw this board sitting in the muck. Could clearly see screws from rails and that old ass shape. So i sent it to my friend and local skate nerd telling him to get a ladder and lets see what that thing is. He comes back with, “in the canal? Near the college” i reply “yes.” He says, “Semi cracked Vision Jinx with trackers and vision blur wheels.” 


Turns out it was his board, haha.

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3 minutes ago, CILONE/SK said:

Fist has an impressive array. 


Maybe he posts some of his on here?

That shit takes up too much room, I wouldn't collect them myself but I enjoy seeing them, would def like it if he posted them

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Graffiti magazines and publications.


I'm getting quite a good library. (only about 1/2 the magazines shown in the pic.


Always looking for old magazines especially xerox'ed era fanzines about graff. tallking MOVE, SFM,Old UK zines Things like that 


 Holy grail is Gasmask zine from Finland but I believe the biggest issue only had 30 copies so I'm never likely to get one.


In about 7 months we're doing renovations so all the mags are heading into a nice area  with books etc in my studio/Mancave will start taking much better care of them.


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4 hours ago, Magnum OPiss said:

Started collecting silver and gold. Most notably buffalo currency. I belong to the water buffalos so I started just collecting anything buffalo.


Bonus. Coin from john wick in .9999 silver.





So assuming you aren’t just collecting for silver, but rather for numismatic value?

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I sort of collect records as well.. Not to the point where i need first pressings or rarities and that shit, it’s mostly albums i wanted “forever.” They’re all back home in storage at the moment though. So here’s a photo of the shelf i made to house them when i actually had them in my house.  


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