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you need to put the photos on a host like freephoto-i.net and then link to them from here. It looks like you were trying to post images straight from your computer to this board...it dont work like that. Check the stickied thread that explains how to post...

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that wall is not at a fr8 yard are any thing like that its just a walll but trains go by right behind you at 40+ the wall is so long some times you dont hear the train coming and you cant get around the wall be for the train goes by you and let me telll you thats an experience an a half

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(scene begins with Cleo and Darius sitting in a posh coffee-house, sipping espresso. Darius leans over to whisper in Cleo's ear)


Darius: (seductively) Cleo, why do you think people take pictures of themselves painting graffiti?


Cleo: (leaning closer to Darius, letting his lips brush her ear) I don't know, Darius. Maybe they want to see what they look like?


Darius (pulling away angrily in confusion) But why, Cleo! Why! Why would you take pictures of yourself commiting a crime? It's stupid! It's like the time I strangled your mother so you would collect life insurance and I could leech off you and buy that Ferrari I wanted, and i took pictures of it!


Cleo: (Her eyes widen in shock and horror as she places a hand over her donut smile) Oh Darius! How could you? We're wealthy beyond our wildest imaginations, with the life insurance and me being the sole benefactor of the Westmore estate, but why did you kill my mother?


Darius: (slumps back, bored and tired of this B.A.P's whining) Listen Cleo.....I was getting way too sick of waiting for that old whore to die, so I just sped up the process. Want to blow this popsicle stand and take a trip to Madagascar?


Cleo: Oh Darius, that sounds wonderful, but you know I can't miss my Oprah. Besides, i have a hair appointment tomorrow.


Darius: (infuriated, Darius stands up, knocking his chair over. He rips off his shirt, exposing his rippling muscles, glistening with sweat) I can't believe this! That's enough out of you, bitch!


(With that, Darius smashes his coffee mug over Cleo's well lacquered head, knocking her out and giving her amnesia. He storms out, tattered bits of his shirt trailing after him. Darius exits the scene and the sound of a revving engine and squaling tires is heard as the scene ends. Cue commercial break.)

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