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Fat Ralphy's Health and Fitness Motivation Thread

fat ralphy

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@nicklesndimes diet is where I am falling off which is not cool for my age bracket. Honestly pretty much the only vice I have is my diet…..but I want to get to the point that I can possibly be in. 


In the last 1.5 years I have had two homies die and my cousin stroked out (he is recovering but is fucked up) - I am in the mentality of this life is a gift that can disappear at anytime so might as well get after it while we can.

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was thinking of upping the ante and trying out going to the gym again, the YMCA in this case. i usually work out at home and when spring hits i hands down prefer jogging/biking outside over the machines in the gym. but i just feel like it would be a good thing to prevent myself from getting too sedentary over the winter months, plus could give me an excellent head start for when the weather breaks. hitting the weights, cardio machines, even hitting the steam room multiple times weekly. could be a healthy choice.


another positive of this is that my insurance covers a gym membership at a variety of the local gyms and the chains, too. this is due to my anxiety & depression diagnoses. hard not to explore this idea in that case, be better to just start soon rather than to try and force myself by making it my new years resolution.


only thing holding me back is worrying about the covid restrictions, that'd be annoying to try and exercise in a mask.

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The streak continues - 


Chick I am talking to does a Whole 30 to start each year, so I agreed to do it with her.


That will probably make a huge difference for me. 


I intend to continue my cardio streak during the Whole 30.


Lifted/cardio today and there were some fly broads at the gym. 


Keep it up fellas.

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Diet looks like a farce, no legumes, no grain, no thank you.


I have reached a level of fitness where I can actually attempt to swim fast on the fast sets instead of just struggling to keep up all the time. I appreciate the group nature of the workouts, at the top of the benefits is that I do not need to think, just show up and do what everyone else is doing to the best of my ability. I do not miss trying to develop a workout.


I want to add one day of long distance walking and one bodyweight set to my week, that will unfortunately require some development.


Happy Holidays everyone!

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New Years is coming folks, anybody have goals to share or reflections on the past year?


My goal last year was to get fitness back in my life after a lull caused in no small part by moving and taking a new job. In July I started to swim with a club and added the goal of being able to complete a workout on the assigned send-offs 100%, I am still working toward that goal five months in and am totally okay with that.


My health and fitness goals for the next year are to continue doing what I am doing with the swimming, throw in one long walk a week on Sundays, cook more and resolve my sleep health issues. 


I think they are attainable goals but know I will need to work toward each.



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On 11/12/2021 at 11:18 AM, fat ralphy said:

ok dudes - I am committing to 30+ mins of cardio daily through the end of the year. Starting today.

Fucking did it guys / thanks for the support.


Update - doing a Whole30 diet for the month of January due to a hot nurse who has some persuasive ability.


Will continue my cardio through the month and see where I end up……


Today’s weight was 267lbs - im in pretty good shape right now. 

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