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The Wyoming Incident


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Here's another one I'm really into. The Wyoming Incident refers to a pirated broadcast caught on Wyoming airwaves in the 90s. Or so the story goes..


The video in question has taken on a life of its own, it's tied to a strange message board that talked about 'cubing' which apparently is code serial killers use to describe killing ppl. Some have reported getting migraines or just feelings of unease/nausea watching the vid. There are still updates to the story happening in 2019, this one has been going on for a very long time and no one really seems to know what its about.


I've linked the recording as well as a video breaking it down. Anyone else heard of this? Kinda like the Max Headroom incident in Chicago just much creepier. Is it real? An ARG? Not too sure what to make of this one. The art for this group was lifted from this vid as I felt it really captured what kind of things I wanted to cover or discuss here. What do you guys think?








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16 hours ago, misteraven said:

Not as into this one as I was of the hit squad mystery. This one is just too all over the place and still sort of comes off to me like a bunch nerds playing some huge hoax.

Its gotta be that. I think the guy who started it all has some serious fuckin issues but a serial killer? Na

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