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More so just not cost effective compared to store bought sausages, we used prime roast cuts and no filler (breadcrumbs/rusk etc) which made for a way better end product.. but in reality we could have gotten away with using waaaay cheaper cuts of meat 

This was our second time making them, the biggest thing we learnt from the first time was to keep everything as cold as possible, the second the meat warms up too much it gets sticky and gums everything up.. the other thing was getting the water ratio right in the meat which makes stuffing the casings a shitload easier

The process is pretty straight forward though, we have an cheap all in one sunbeam meat grinder/sausage stuffer
We usually aim for a 70/30 lean meat to fat ratio and go for a 50/50 pork and beef mix for flavour depending on what style we're making
Dice meat up into 1 inch cubes then run it through the grinder on a 13mm/coarse grind, refrigerate for a while, then mix in your herbs, seasonings and water 
Load up casings on sausage stuffer/grinder, we went with collagen casings instead of pig intestine this time which was a heap easier to work with I think
Then feed the mince back through and into the casings and twist them up as they come off 

We made up a smokey bbq rub mix, a chorizo style (to be cooked not cured) and some pork & fennel
Hoping to do some salami style and real chorizo ones in the near future to hang/cure for a while

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It was hard to not answer for you, I guessed choice chuck so I was close, but yea casings are expensive. I guess by collagen casings you meant artificial, those are good cause they are a consistent 20 mm, higher yield from 30mm for natural and I’ve tested it, and the smaller one actually “eats” better. If I do anything flavor foreword I use sheep casings cause it’s cheaper than beef, I love to keep it natural and doesn’t have a naturally savory finish. 

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Micro-carrot haul, didn't expect much from a balcony but I didn't know they could turn out this bad.





Ate the orange/purple raw, white ones were ruined from being pushed up into the sun turning green. There wasn't enough room for the carrots to grow and expand in the soil, inside of a pot.





Late season cherry tomatoes actually did well, we weren't sure because we planted mid July. Still have these to harvest this weekend, enough for a few salads next week.










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@misteravenNext year I'll know to plant early, leave room for expansion, and not harvest until late fall. Really like roasted carrots and from what I could taste these raw carrots were delicious.



@Deine MudderThe orange/purple were good no doubt, but they would have been smaller than baby carrots if I had peeled them. Now I feel all inadequate/uncomfortable in the produce section.





No Idea yet what we're doing with these.

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