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Home Made Food Flex Off


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not exactly a flex but the mushroom farm my daughter was given for her birthday yielded it's first few mushies this morning so this was breakfast.


Never had mushrooms so fresh before time from ground to plate was less than 5 minutes and they were delicious on toastIMG_1218.thumb.jpg.261bbc009d05fa593c3ed0e2fd766087.jpg 

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22 minutes ago, fat ralphy said:

 I dont even eat fish and I feel like this would be pretty damn good. 

It was fantastic. I was trying to recreate a dish I used to get when I was a kid. I got my friend to try it back in the day who also did not eat fish, and it became the only fish dish he would eat. I feel like I came pretty close to recreating it and am definitely going to try it again with the next suitable fish I catch. Going to tweak the sweet & sour sauce a bit next time.

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You know I just thought about it I got 2 offset smokers, for fat ass briskets and shit, I got a Weber and another kettle grill, I got a portable propane, a portable charcoal, and that small yakitori grill. I’m trying to convince the wife I need a Kamado style grill but I think that ship set sail.

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7 minutes ago, One Man Banned said:


That's what I thought.  A fav of mine too.  No hate but doesn't look right.  Full confession I've tried to make it a few times and have not gotten it right.

Yeah, I agree. I should have cooked it down for another hour plus, but I got hungry. Taste is quite nice though.

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