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23 hours ago, One Man Banned said:


Can't see your vid but props, been Fiending for some kimchi fried rice for a minute.  Have some solid Korean spots around me but they don't make it and the one that does puts bacon in it.  I'm not a vegetarian but it kind of defeats the purpose for me.

buy a small jar of kimchi (leave it out until very ripe)

cut into small squares and sautee in butter first, thats key.

add rice and the kimchi juice and a little gochujang, sesame oil, more butter and fry it up.

top with sesame seeds and over easy egg.

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cleaning out the fridge and using up some eggs our neighbours gave us


pea leek and bacon quiche.

turned out pretty good even if I didn't have the Gruyere and had to cheddar instead.

had 1.25 sheets of pastry so it was pretty  patchy on the sides


The peas were a last minute addition which didn't really work they got dried out on the top but overall would eat again. Could maybe have used a minute more in the oven but was light and fluffy on the inside.


 superior food styling skills





 but always with the nagging thought that.......




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Just moved recently and the gas hasn't been cut on yet at the new place.. figured I'd throw down for a nice home cooked meal for me and my girl.. simple pollo guisado.. chicken breast, potatoes, carrots, onion, sofrito, sazon, cilantro, tomato sauce, chicken stock, salt n pepper over white rice with a fuck load of avocado on top.. set that shit on low in the crock pot for.. basically all day.. gets the whole house smelling reeeeaal gooooood..



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