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Home Made Food Flex Off


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9 minutes ago, LUGR said:

^What kind of fungi is that?


Morel Mushrooms, tough to grow/farm, but pretty easy to identify in the wild. Very common in the Eastern U.S. and fun to hunt for if you're not in a tick infested area.

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Not my shit, but I'm soaking beans to do this:




I watch ATK almost every night on PBS as I'm going to sleep.  I love the fact that they explain the science behind cooking.  I have their pressure cooker recipe book and it's made some good meals for us so far by following their instructions.


I will let you guys know how it turns out.  I don't even like baked beans or "boston baked beans"..... but the ones I've had have always been from a can.  My suspicion is that these will be really good.

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Speaking about Boston - does somebody in here have a proper Brownie recipe?


What I'd love to have is a proper classic no-nonsense (no walnuts or other funny shit), dense, chocolat-y (not double-chocolat-y), fudgy, heavy, moth-melting kinda thing.


Thanks a lot in advance! 

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Fuck that. Shameless self props on one of the best sammiches I have ever made. SANS meat, even! Think I’m hooked on veggie joints. Cause I sure af don’t just eat salads. 

- bakery purchased Italian bread

- provolone & cheddar 

- the dankest veggies

- some sliced pickles

- oil/vinegar/misc. herbs & spices 

- light mayo

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1 hour ago, NightmareOnElmStreet said:

I straight up never even knew it was that much. Would not buy. Wifey clearly did not care. 

that’s what happens when you start buying motorcycles and shit, the wife folk get to buying all kinds of exotic breads and clothes they never plan on wearing. Shits dope


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