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Them are hashbrowns Mudder.


Here is how I do em


- Shred the potato, box grater is fine, food processor is faster but requires more dish washing

-Immediately place the shredded potato in cold water to rinse out the starch

-Strain the potatoes in a colander, then spread out onto a clean, rinsed, thin dishtowel or equivalent. Wrap the towel around the potatoes kind of like a burrito and wring out the whole affair to remove water and starch

-Place them in a bowl and toss in some salt

-Prepare a pan to medium or maybe medium high with butter and olive oil

-Spread the potatoes and form a patty, place a lid over the patty, like right over it, the diameter lid will need to be smaller than the diameter pan, this forms a little dome for the patty to steam and cook in

-Cook for like ten minutes or something till the crust on the bottom holds the patty together when the pan is jerked, you do not want to rush the jerking as if you do it early you will cause the patty to separate remove the lid 

-To flip put a upside down plate right on top of the patty, flip the pan so the patty ends up on the plate, cooked side up and then slide the patty back on the pan

-Cook until done, will be faster than the first side, add cheese if you are a teenager


Or make latkes




I use this recipe, more or less, if you do not have breadcrumbs, flour is fine. I still wring out the potatoes because that is how I do it.



Hanger Steak, Beet Greens, Gratin Potatoes


Fuck it, I am not going to edit to rotate

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8 hours ago, morton said:

Them are hashbrowns Mudder

Ha, I was always under the impression hash browns are little chocolate cookies with pot in 'em 😅

Was actually going back pages trying to understand what friggin post you were referring to, haha!


Thanks for the recipe!

Now I understand this is some sort of Kartoffel-Puffer (here in Germany this done with more fat, eaten with sugar / apple sauce usually),

but I know our neighbours in Switzerland do them pretty much like you do ( they call 'em Rösti, as in "roasted" -

they like to eat them with salmon (gravlax) and sour cream for example).

I really like the cooking method, leeching out the starch beforehand, and then cooking them using the water that's in the potatoes themselves.


This is quite a similar approach to how I like to do Bratkartoffles (potatoes just being sliced in this case, and using a lid that seals the pan -

so more of the steam stays in there, as the bigger potato pieces need longer to cook obviously). 


Thanks again!



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To be clear, you want to remove the water, that is why they get twisted up in the towel, to squeeze the liquid out. When I was a teenager I squeezed the water out by the fistful with my hands then at some point i came up with a better approach.


They cook in oil but you don't need to much, not like with latkes where you are really frying them.

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Sooo this happened the other night.. had the idea and was too lazy to make it until I was just high and hungry enough.. Two kodiak waffles (buttermilk & vanilla flavored), tyson chicken patty, one fried egg and 3 strips of maple bacon.. seems gross, tastes delicious.. @NightmareOnElmStreetI see your brefast sammie and I raise you this monstrosity of a sammich..





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New Mexico Hatch Chilis being roasted.


They sell them green but we just have them roast for us there in this thing. Takes less than 5 minutes and they come out perfect, roasted off the street right down the block. These 'off the books' hatch Chili vendors are big out west, especially in New Mexico and Colorado. They're also in about every neighborhood here in Denver. The chilis themselves come from Hatch NM and the tradition started with Pueblo Indians, and was later refined by Hispanics in New Mexico into what it is today. 




The outside turns black when they're roasted. Have to take them home and let them steam for 2 hours before processing. Copped an 11 pound bag here.







Took my wife about 7 hours to de-seed, remove the charred skin. She processed this 11 lbs bag of roasted hatch chilis down to a little more than 7 pounds. 





Simmered 4 pounds of pork shoulder, with about a pound of cleaned/processed hatch chili for three hours. This "New Mexico style chili" is dope because it boils down to 90% meat chunks, 9% of these delicious hatch green chilis as a sauce, and 1 percent of cilantro, green tomatillios, a little garlic and that's it. It's literally the best chili you've ever tasted, we usually we make it with beef.





Homemade hatch chili hummus from scratch, every garbanzo bean was individually skinned so the hummus was extra creamy AF.




Leftover chili chopped and bagged on triple beams. Ended up with 6 lbs frozen for use this fall. The hatch chili guy that grills these down the street is only trappin until November, so we might need to re-up before winter.




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12 minutes ago, morton said:

How do you like that napkin holder? I have been meaning to pick one out, totally bogus how paper napkins just come in a wrapper, they should put them in a box that opens up to dispense.

It’s pimp it’s a simple human product I found at thrift store I have a ton of simple human shit at my place they make shit right.

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Took a shot at 2 Peruvian favs, papas huancainas and pollo a la brasa.  Top photo is boiled yellow potatoes in a spicy cheese sauce.  Too lazy to add some olives on top.  Sauce should be more yellow like the egg yolk but I used homegrown yellow Peruvian hot peppers instead of the traditional orange ones.  Chicken was served with a traditional spicy cilantro mayo sauce.  Next time will BBQ the chicken.  

Think yours looked better if I recall @morton


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On 9/5/2020 at 5:03 PM, morton said:

Spatchcocking or splitting is a must when roasting chicken in my opinion.

The papas looks correct how was the flavor of it all? That is what matters.

I get the idea that you have a Peruvian connection, have you been there?

Can't argue w/ how yours looked but whole/BBQ was the goal.  I've had the pollo a few ways but there's a place near me that does it on a charcoal rotisserie and that is my fav, so trying to replicate.


The papas was good enough for the first course of dinner and the next day's breakfast.  But not as I've known it before.  A little spicier, which was good, but not quite as smooth/creamy.  Also while it may seem like nothing, the traditional yellow color is very eye pleasing.  They put the aji amarillo sauce on lots of stuff, pasta, rice, risotto, will definitely try that too.  Should also mention I don't deep fry stuff, at restaurants I would also have fried yuca to dip into the yellow/green sauces.


I've never been to Peru and have no personal connections there.  I've been lucky to come from/live in an area that has a few Peruvian restaurants and when I lived in NYC I had some close by, as well as some other S American restaurants that would make a dish or two from other SA countries.  Separate but very related, their women are hot, I mean caliente.

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