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Home Made Food Flex Off

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Tried to take it up a step from last time... flourless chocolate stout cake w/ cherries.  Made up some whipped cream to go with.  Could feel myself on the brink of having diabetes as I finished a slice. 

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Almost posted this to the thick thread. Fuck corona. I’m gonna die as god intended. Heart disease. 

Here’s this weeks mega flex...      

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5 minutes ago, Moe Szyslak said:

Made some pretty good weed brownies the other day. No pictures tho 😞

You don’t have to post pics man, we believe you that happened 

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not the greatest but I went out to make the pizza I'd eat without sharing any to anyone.

side one - olives Ham, anchovies, Olives, chopped tomato

side two chicken pesto chopped tomato and olives.


a bit much cheese but still okay ratio...




toppings kind of went toward the middle because the pizza stone is packed away and I had to use a baking tray that was too small so middle wasn't supported

my wife walked past and sneakily added a piece of pineapple (that thankfully I didn't find until the last slice )the sneaky cow.

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Just now, Mercer said:

@Schnitzeldeserved the pineapple bamboozle, not sharing any pizza ass. lol 

She does keep me on my toes


 we only had one flat tray for the oven so it went



ol' fat ass himself.


I just hate pineapple on pizza.


and just gonna say 

it's completely not worth saving 99 cents on cheaper mozzarella.

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Posted (edited)

I'm pretty great at classic diner breakfast. 2 egg Mushroom, Onion, Pepper omelet topped with none other than American cheese. 

Get fucked, if you put anything else BUT that shit on your omletas brehs!

Chicken sausage links.

Delectable home fries from scratch. 

Griddled cornbread (store bought). 


Edited by NightmareOnElmStreet
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 They dont look like much but they are a couple of hefty lunch tacos i made out of a bunch of stuff. 

Refried beans

Ground beef

Shredded cheese


Sour cream


And lettuce.

Nothing fancy but it filled me tf up.



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