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Home Made Food Flex Off

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Here’s this weeks mega flex...      

Almost posted this to the thick thread. Fuck corona. I’m gonna die as god intended. Heart disease. 

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It looks better than it tastes. I need to get rid of these glass baking dishes. Heat transfer game is all fucked up. The bottom of it is cooked all the way but its dense and rubbery.


Pasta carbonara 




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2 hours ago, Deine Mudder said:

Looks amazing! Recipe please!

One bowl recipe 


1. Mash 3-4 over ripe bananas

2. Add 1 tea spoon vanilla extract

3. Add 1/3 cup vegan butter

4. Add 1/3 cup sugar (add more if you want it sweeter)

5. Add 1 3/4 cups of flour

6. Add 2 tea spoons of baking powder

7. Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

8. Add a pinch of salt

9. Mix it into a batter


10. If your batter is too thick to pour, add 1/4 cup of non dairy milk like product.


11. Grease up your 9x5 pan with vegan butter and pour in mixture


12. Cover top with chopped up walnuts and push them down securely into the mix


13. Bake for 50 minutes at 350°


Special note: I had to bake for 70 minutes because of the dish I used. 


14. Remove from oven when done and let sit for 30 minutes before removing from pan.


15. Let cool for an additional 30 minutes before slicing and eating.


16. Enjoy


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Speaking of banana bread - I may have posted this already in the past (or some other recipe from that site), but here's a molten-choco banana bread that's really fucking good: https://ladyandpups.com/2014/02/03/molten-choco-banana-bread-eng/


Also quite serious food photography on this blog, and there's quite a lot of meat based dishes for everybody that's into that stuff as well..

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