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Bucketlist Thread - MOTIVATIONAL!!!


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On 6/2/2019 at 6:55 PM, misteraven said:

Wow man... Best post I've read in a minute. Had no freakin idea you were in that industry or had that sort of knowledge. I know we're in the process of derailing your thread, but I'd greatly appreciate if you'd be willing to help lead a conversation on this subject and lend a hand in increasing the financial IQ of those smart enough to join and and follow. Like @MercerI'm a huge believer in personal freedom and greatly feel that financial independence, particularly when derived from a revenue stream that you largely, if not fully control, is the foundation upon which personal freedom is built. Personally I see debt as cancer, from my own personal experience, but obviously the debt I'm referring to is an entirely different category. Anyhow, I just made tweaks to the forum to bring the Groups section into the spotlight and hope you might consider working with me to establish a conversation where we might be able to help each other better understand the subject of money and how it relates to each of us: economics, monetary system, personal wealth / debt, investments, emerging markets, etc... Again, also hoping I can wrangle @Mercerinto it as well.


If you're interested, please DM me and we'll map out a quick plan and get it going.


Likewise, for the other Oontzers out there, speak up if you're mostly lost on this subject and would appreciate having some of this translated into a language you can understand (and benefit from) from fellow 12oz members.






It would be awesome to see the oontz mature in this sort of direction.

For all the misfits out there trying to get a grip on their future before it comes and goes.

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On 6/12/2019 at 3:34 PM, mn1_fuckos said:

I want to be able to buy my parents home from them one day. it's the only home i've ever known



it'll be a goldmine once the hipsters move in next door

Same. I was raised from birth to 19 at my parent's. They still live there 15 years later. Prime location in gentrified Austin. If i got it i would NEVER sell it. Id just buy some drums and try to piss off the rich hipster neighbors.

Edited by Moe Szyslak
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