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The sh*t that you <3 thread

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-the quiet after a party clears  -sweet and salty snacks simultaneously  -morning rips while my red bull is chillin in the ice box.  Then commencing to said Red Bull  -breaking bottles

Quarantine me here plz, it covers a lot of what I love.

My place offers new sounds.  There’s a kid outside on his skateboard.      I love that sound

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On 12/20/2019 at 10:58 PM, Dirty_habiT said:
  • Marine/saltwater life - this is corals, the colorful fish of the ocean, the amazingly smart or large creatures, the best apex predators, and the unknown.
  • Dirt biking - did this as a kid, and picked it back up as an adult recently.  Very zen for me riding trails.
  • BMX - I don't ride like I used to, but I still enjoy it.  I have the bikes I could never afford as a kid and I'm loving it.
  • Turbo cars - I love working on, tuning, and helping other people figure out their vehicle issues.
  • Giving relationship advice - I like helping people think through their relationship problems, not because I'm nosy or anything like that, but because I feel like I'm really good at it.
  • My girlfriend - she's fantastic, smart, makes me laugh all the time even after 6 years, beautiful, and most importantly she puts up with my shit, I'm not an easy person to deal with.
  • My dog and my cat - I couldn't have asked for better animals than the ones I have.
  • Street Fighter - been playing since 1992 when I was in 4th grade.  Now, 27 years later, I'm ranked in the to 3% in the world online (who cares but I'm feelin myself on it).
  • My family - I am the oldest out of 7 kids.  I enjoy that we're all adults now and the dynamic we have.  I also enjoy hanging out with my dad and helping him do stuff.  He's one of the best helpers when it comes to working on cars that I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  He's fast, he finds the right tools I need quickly, and he thinks ahead.  The assistant you've always wanted.

Lots of gems in this one, cuhz. Relatable. 
Especially the old lady part....Been 4 years for me and I’m surprised af she’s even still around...

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◼The smell of cutting a MDF board

◼Touching wires and ripping them apart

◼Clogne, can't leave without it

◼Hair and outfit on point all the time

◼Clean Personal Hygiene

◼Any type of beach with low sunshine while listening to music and maybe holding a cute girl's hand



◼oh no!


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Since it's Christmas day I'll start with, that Christmas song, I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.

Broadcast radio; college and LLP.

Scale models, damn I don't know if it's a < 3 or an obsession. 


Beer buzz at the beach at anytime of the year.

The sounds the birds make in my neighborhood.

Pints of porter stout when I go out.

Fixing sht myself.



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I believe in balance.  Can’t rant in a pet peeve thread without talm bout the goods I love 



men who smell good 

The way men wear jeans that fit just right. I’ll be the judge. Turn around (whistles) 😗


shoes also. Doesn’t matter type. Just keep em clean. 


A nice barber cut.   Hair type doesn’t matter. Just keep it clean. 


When people can paint without depending on black. When it’s all colors that work well together. No black at all. 


Road trips 


Lines./ repetition for photo sake. 



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 going to add the feeling of lush grass on bare feet.

 my lawn needs a mow but the recent rain has made it like walking on a mattress.


 also the way said grass feels during rain  my lawn was a little bit submerged and that shot felt good to walk on.....


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building a new skateboard - shit is wild relaxing

good wifi signal

peace and quiet

a good movie

skating in a plaza with marble-like tiles - so smooth


rare steak

good pair of pants

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finding a goldmine of instagram goodness typically dealing with 80's australian graffiti ( happened last night)


the three minutes a day my kids play together without fighting.



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