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Your Art Thread - Volume II


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Art by me Schizophrenic God AKA SKAeM

this can also be Street Art ..but its not on the streets ,

Guerrilla Art Propaganda type of art ..

i made these with TIME magazines into a collage art style on some slaps,

some of em are digitally made or edited on Picsart app..


the TIME magazines are from the Gulf of War / George W. Bush era..

i like abstract type of art and enjoy when a person just sits and thinks like tf ..

i feel unconformable when someone asks me what does it mean.






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Just happened to take a spontaneous weekend getaway to Denver for the weekend so I went to the Denver Art Museum.  Monet exhibit was soltan out so I didnt get to see his paintings, but I did take a few photos of some very random 1100s - 1700s paints of middle class families of merchants.  The last pic is today's era, the artist was there painting live and I was trying to buy the painting but she couldn't sell direct due to a licensing deal.  But anyhow,  hope y'all enjoy!








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Thank you!  Btw, if you didn't notice. ..... the inside of my duplex was painted interesting colors.  The living room is light blue on 2 walls, light gray on one wall, and dark blue on one wall.  The master room is orange.  Lol.  I don't even notice it anymore.

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Lol. When I go into peoples houses and they are undecided on what color they want to paint more often than not they ask me what color do you think I should paint. I always respond "you dont want me to pick your paint." Why? Because Im not scared of color.

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I've got a grip of different stuff... Just gonna throw some various things in here for people to look at.

Definitely digging the perspective on those trees too. Love the way the whole painting moves structurally and with color.

Also that light show sign is sick.I'm wondering what type of bulb it was lit with... singular or multiple? the colored shadows are great.

Ayeways, enjoy.





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