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Your Art Thread - Volume II


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This place used to be a fucking wicked place back in the day. It was a huge source of inspiration to me as an artist, and it really did feel like a sort of online community (albeit of hilarious wierdos at times).


Then in 2007 or so life happened and I've been gone. I got old and the internet just kept getting bigger, scarier, and newer, and as any old person I was like "WTF".


I missed the feeling of sharing and involvement that was had here at 12oz. Not really sure if anyone comes to The Babble anymore, which is fine. It can be the secret get-away from all the rest of the noise!


This is "Your Art Thread - Volume 2". Curious to see what you all are up to in your non graffiti game, and pretty stoked to share some of the stuff I've been doing.


I've been on a "whale thing" lately.  More will come.


These are all colored pencil on paper drawings unless otherwise stated.
Post your work!








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YO Hayabusa!

I was hoping the relaunch would resurrect your old thread and bring you out of the shadows, that thread was inspiring.
Good to see you back, those whales make me miss that pacific northwest ocean life.

auf those landscapes are on some magic card stuff, you ever come across a guy named Noah Bradley? He does similar work and makes it look too easy. Respect for being able to do it.

Lots of good stuff in here, keep it rollin..


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16 hours ago, Lorne_Malvo said:

They are fire! All coloured pencil?

Yep. Been trying different mediums for years and I always come back to it. Everything I do now is in pencil. For some reason i cant get a grasp on other stuff/i cant stand the process involved/price

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Ive been blackbooking alot recently, and my girlfriend is really into painting with acrylics so I've started to (try) dabble in that..Yall are fuckin amazing in this thread right here, so lemme toy it up real quick.



My woman painted the ones with the ladies. Was going for a weathered/rusted effect with the MRL Logo but didnt really work how i wanted.








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