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Mauler’s Ascension through all realms of the human condition Photothread

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Hola all. It’s been a while, but a quick update on life over the past 10 years. Got educated. Travelled. Had a career. Got married. Got a mortgage. Got divorced. Hit the drugs.

Anyway I am not sure where to start so I guess I will explain the muses. Long after my last thread I think back in 2009 when I went to Amsterdam, I ended up marrying a colleague and we got married in

Posted Images

The treehouse was just another part of the property complex where I stayed as there were like 4 buildings, the main house, an apartment block, a detached unit and the atelier/studio building with the nightclub and studio upstairs. As I said, the guy who owns it has a sweet setup


Yeah fellow Aussie here and should I ever venture to the capital I will hit you up for sure Hua. I thought that someone here would be familiar with Meridian's work as if you had seen her perform you most likely wouldn't forget it ? I wouldn't be surprised if there is some mention of her in one of my 8000 odd posts on here as welI ? It makes me happy to see that there are others who can respect her work during that phase of her life and are happy to hear she has moved on and is doing well. To meet someone who has experienced the life she has and to get to feel her excitement and enthusiasm for life is one of the best things that has happened to me in all honesty. To know that she has found her ideal partner and gets to do work she loves while being a mother made me happy when I met her and I will forever be grateful for her words to me that "Anything is possible" which she backed up by arranging everything I was after and then some. 


So to give a bit more detail if you are ever interested on doing a photography trip as a photographer to hang out with other photographers and models at a 'workshop' holiday you can get in contact with Svetlana at her website below:




From there you can get a sense of the different models and coming events and trips that are planned and it is now on my bucketlist to attend one of the events as my shoot and the location etc was just arranged for me over email before I left Oz.But given I just anticipated shooting in a small studio to being informed that she could arrange castles, cars, animals etc and then getting to experience what is was like to stay in said castle was beyond even the extent of my wildest imagination. I also caught up with her upon my return to Prague (I will get around to this part later) and I am happy to consider her a friend who has given me some sage life advice when we have spoken on FB messenger.


Sorry to have come out with what seems like an advertisement or sales pitch, but given the service level I received during my dealings with Svetlana I thought it appropriate to give her business a shout out here as a way of saying thanks and also as a way of me divulging details of my story as I am doing this as some sort of catharsis (which will become apparent once we get to the darker phases of the tale).

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Anyway, now to get back onto the story.


I left Prague for a few more days in Amsterdam before I had to return home to Oz. While there I did the usual shit of getting high and walking around taking photos. I caught up with a guy who I knew from a guitar forum I am a member of for a few beers and it was during this visit to Amsterdam where I gave my Portuguese roommate at the backpackers my guided tour of Amsterdam in which we covered the entire city in 1 day, walking 30km around the city I showed him all I had learned about the place from my previous stays there. 


I love Amsterdam and refer to it as my spiritual home. I have visited there on every trip I have made to Europe because not only does it feel like my home away from home, it is just the one place whereby you can speak to anyone at any time without a chance of encountering the agro you get pretty much everywhere else. From simple conversations started from being asked "Have you got a lighter" I have met many people who I would consider friends that live in different countries and one of my best friends who occupies a place on one of the fingers that I can count all my true friends on that I have met up with on return visits to EU and when he came to Australia one time. Also my birthday is the same day as King's Day -May the 4th - so to know that the entire Netherlands has a holiday to celebrate my birthday is just a crazy coincidence. In the rest of the world most just refer to my birthday as Star Wars day which upon the revelation of my middle name may cause some Star Wars fans to hate me because the fanboys of SW are those kind of people which worship it above all others even as the attempts to dilute the value of said series are seemingly successful so far.


The whole concept of Dutch tolerance law and it's ethos of "Do what you want as long as it isn't negatively affecting anyone else" has been the primary principle of my philosophy I have developed over my life to date. If only more places were to implement this way of logical thinking then the world would be a better place. While this may seem like an impossible pipe dream due to mass media forcing people to divert their attention away from themselves and instead focusing on celebrities such as the Kardashian's and which basketball player is currently in the process of impregnating them I can only but hope that one day a majority of people stop worrying about how others choose to live their lives and instead focus on their own self. I say this due to us recently being awakened to the pleasure of having our house doors kicked in and being threatened with axe and machete wielding natives at 2am one morning because of their jealousy of my brother. While this is another story for another day, I think the simple fact that they only took his car keys and some basketball jerseys before stealing his car didn't warrant the gang of them breaking through our front door security screen, smashing 2 of the front door glass panels as well as multiple windows and totalling the back gate of storage shed door before stealing his car shows what fuckheads who are so busy worrying about others rather than themselves are capable of. 


Anyway, enough of my rant about current events, here are some shots of Amsterdam from my numerous trips there for your amusement.

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Funny story. The 2 dudes pictured above were from New York that accosted me on the street asking about where to find “cheese”. I took them to a coffeeshop and got high with them then took them on a tour of the RLD before we went down that famous narrow street (pictured) and we lost them temporarily for 15 or so mins. This photo was taken after they reappeared having the greatest moment of their lives having each just fucked “10s” during their disappearance having vanished into two of the red lit doors adorning that tiny street. They loved Amsterdam from that moment forward.


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So after returning home I got back into the work routine of 9 to 5 and eventually met a girl on tumblr who I eventually learned was the "Queen of meth tumblr" as she liked to describe herself. We ended up messing around online with her giving me some naughty shows over Skype and it seemed to be a healthy compromise as I had a woman I could talk to whenever I needed (because she was always awake) without the burden of a relationship. She was in New Jersey and was willing to be my muse should I ever visit that part of the world. Given I had just returned from Europe and we only get so much annual leave, if this was to happen it would not be for a while anyway, so we kept in touch as I progressed on my journey to find the perfect muse.


Being back home and having set up my online profiles on a few sites I had the blonde girl I posted before contact me as she liked my images and was wanting to shoot as she was visiting my city. As you can see, we ended up shooting together and my portfolio expanded a little more. She was a girl from San Fran who was visiting Australia and she had a few tales of her own. As she was leaving I gave her a couple party favours to help her sleep on the flight home so she was down with it.


Not long after this, through some weird internet adventure while high I stumbled across a 21 year old Hawaiian chick who was in Vegas studying to become a Doctor that I struck up a friendship with. She loved my photos and was keen to shoot, so we discussed various themes for the shoot etc. Given my increasing boredom with work, and this girl offering me free accomodation should I come to Vegas, I hastily made the decision to go to the USA for the first time as we seemed to be getting along great and I had some crazy idea that this girl could potentially be the muse I was seeking given she was intelligent and into partying similar to myself. So in a matter of weeks it was decided that I would be flying to Vegas and would be spending my 35th birthday there so I had to make sure that it was going to be a trip to remember.

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