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The level of bots unleashed by the IRS is unbelievable over this last week. "Taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society" like forcibly taking your own citizens money to murder millions of civilians across the globe is the pinnacle of societal evolution.

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12 hours ago, metronome said:

Not to derail here but plenty of other nations across the planet manage to tax their citizens to positive effect with beneficial social programs etc 


I'd say that's mostly correct, but where I live, my taxes fund mass incarceration programs, hundreds of thousands of $70k bombs a year on average to drop on people that earn less than $5 a day, and social welfare programs designed specifically to keep people poor for generations.


The only way it would become less destructive, and more beneficial here in the U.S. IMO is if the federal government were completely abolished, and taxes were collected & spent only on the state & local levels. Some of the states themselves are too large/heavily populated and would do better to be broken down to smaller segments. The larger the taxpaying federation is, the more cost/benefit an official overseeing spending sees in wasting funds, since their local state only bears 1/50th the burden of waste on average, and their local municipality is harmed to an even lesser degree. Thus the more likely taxes are to be wasted, or straight up embezzled in whatever legal loopholes a politician or bearocrat can exploit to their own benefit.


The smaller the collective population becomes, the more benefit collective funding methods provide because it becomes more voluntary. Democracy itself becomes far less harmful on the local level, because if any one outvoted minority group, or even a single individual in the population feels their needs are not being met, they have more of an opportunity to vote in a way that actually counts, with their feet. People in small countries are much more engaged, and paying attention because it's possible for them to actually see the benefits unlike here. Just looking at the metrics of benefit the federal department of education has done since it's inception, where we're now so much further behind countries much poorer than us may make you rethink the taxes funneled through them. Perhaps seeing the reverse course black people's standards of living becoming closer to average have suffered since democrats changed their branding to low expectations & welfare spending during the civil rights eras. I could list example after example.


For as long as there are 350 million+ of mostly retarded voters fighting for our own individual bullshit visions of national utopias, sociopaths attracted to power will continue to spend literal Trillions in tax dollars in countries like Afghanistan, or Iraq only to make a few corporations (that donate to both parties) an extra billion here & there. Millions more will die for no reason whatsoever. These are facts, and there isn't a record out there that doesn't support them. Paying taxes is super immoral.


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I’m curious if the IRS hirings are a response to the amount of people using TurboTax etc and they are anticipating finding way more people fudging their numbers to get a larger return. Are the hiring auditors? I haven’t really seen much about it except a headline or two, and I didn’t dig in at all. 

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