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Madden shooting

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6 minutes ago, misteraven said:

I think anger is in our DNA. Like all other facets of the human condition (including evil), so of us have more of it and others have less of it. In addition to it being inherent in humans, I do believe like most of the other facets of being human, it is either repressed or amplified according to environment and especially personal experience.


Example, its somewhat obvious and well documented how susceptible a child is towards wrong when growing up in an impoverished environment. This stokes the flame of the negative attributes of the human condition and very often leads to that individual growing up to be a criminal or have criminal tendencies. Not always, but often. 


Now take someone that has the unique DNA that allows a propensity towards true evil. Perhaps that person grows up in some family living in the affluent suburbs of Connecticut and this quality remains dormant. Perhaps that same individual grows up in the hood, mentored by criminals, abused physically and emotionally by family and exposed to all manor of violence and goes beyond just growing into being a criminal, but rather becomes a super predator.


I think this is how shit works. 10% of society (in general terms) are scumbags. They're *mostly* kept in check by the fear of consequence as applied by civil society. 10% of that 10% are actually evil and consequence doesn't have much affect on their thought process or urges. Put in the correct environment and / or circumstance and you amplify that potential / propensity exponentially.


Opposite also holds true... You think Steve Jobs would have ever become the person he's known as if he grew up in a shitty suburb of Sarasota, Florida for example? I personally believe people like him had the right DNA, which was fully realized in terms of its potential by also having the correct environment and series of experiences to amplify it to its extreme.


In regards to the bag of shit we're discussing here... Another example of how evil exists as part of the human condition. You can study it, rationalize it and maybe in some circumstances suspend or suppress it, but you sure as fuck will never legislate it away.


Your choice is to depend on a stranger for your personal safety or take that responsibility up for yourself. Nothing available to us helps equalize a situation quite as well as a firearm and proper training.


Other option is to play the odds (admittedly its unlikely that evil like this will show up on your own door step (so to speak), but if it does... You really want to sit around cowering in the bathroom and hope that someone shows up in time to help prevent your life from being extinguished?

This used to be my thoughts on poverty & crime before I started reading Sowell's books. I now attribute both high rates of poverty, and the rates of crime that seem to go hand in hand in some communities, as the consequences of culture. There are poor groups of people with low rates of crime, likewise there are more affluent groups, with higher rates of crime than other affluent groups. To me, culture is the main factor holding groups of people in a state of poverty, and also leading to increased rates of crime. Crime & Poverty aren't in a cause & effect relationship, as much as they're both symptoms of culture.


There are many examples of extremely poor groups that have made progress in their financial, and social standings. For evidence of this, just look at any group with success in this area. Every group today considered culturally, or financially superior has at one point in the past has been part of a poor, and barbaric culture.


To better illustrate this point there are recent, well documented examples of backwards peoples, that have within a generation or two completely transformed their standings. The Scottish during the early 19th century, and the Japanese during the early 20th stand out as amplified examples of rapid improvement. In both cases, they were more illiterate, & impoverished than many of todays so called "disadvantaged" people, and within a generation or two completely transformed.


The people studying their transformation attribute zero stock in some sort of dormant genetic superiority, or external influences like a sudden abundance of natural resources. Most of them tend to focus on changes in their internal culture, as the precursor to success.

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On 8/27/2018 at 2:25 PM, glorydays said:

that dude was beyond salty


and let's not throw the mentally ill under the bus for this one.


People who were close to the shooter said he was a normal dude and just "snapped"

Most of my friends thought I was just "eccentric" before I had a psychotic break and went into 2.5 years of terrifying hallucinations (subjectively the first two weeks were upwards of several thousand years, but I'm going based on the societal norm of time here) so I'd take that part with a grain of salt.  That said, I wouldn't blame mental illness on this.   This guy doesn't sound psychotic from the described events.  If he'd gone in and started yelling at all of the fucking neon pink rabbits to stop molesting his crisper drawer I'd buy that as a reason.    There's a certain level of meditation on something like this that doesn't mesh as being compatible with the level of mental illness that would be required to not have control over it. 


On 8/28/2018 at 2:29 PM, Mercer said:

To me it doesn't necessarily mean someone is sane/insane though. A lot of people consider climbing a huge billboard and writing your name on it insane, and can't comprehend the thought patterns behind it. Those same people probably wouldn't hand down a not guilty due to insanity decision if they were on a jury. 


Definitely on the graffiti.  Hell, 90% of my hobbies are shit most people who don't know me would consider completely batshit insane at first glance but they're really just very strange / fringe hobbies. 


As far as the insanity / not guilty thing, it can't be used very often.  From what I can find personality disorders aren't usually accepted as a defense, and almost certainly wouldn't apply in this case since most of the likely candidates for things this guy might have had fall under the excluded disorders:



Also, from wikipedia:


Most courts accept a major mental illness such as psychosis but will not accept the diagnosis of a personality disorder for the purposes of an insanity defense. The second question is whether the mental illness interfered with the defendant's ability to distinguish right from wrong. That is, did the defendant know that the alleged behavior was against the law at the time the offense was committed.

Additionally, some jurisdictions add the question of whether or not the defendant was in control of their behavior at the time of the offense. For example, if the defendant was compelled by some aspect of their mental illness to commit the illegal act, the defendant could be evaluated as not in control of their behavior at the time of the offense.

The forensic mental health specialists submit their evaluations to the court. Since the question of sanity or insanity is a legal question and not a medical one, the judge and or jury will make the final decision regarding the defendant's status regarding an insanity defense.[12][13]

In most jurisdictions within the United States, if the insanity plea is accepted, the defendant is committed to a psychiatric institution for at least 60 days for further evaluation, and then reevaluated at least yearly after that.

That last part about the psych institute for at least 60 days with "at least yearly" evaluations is the reason I wouldn't do the insanity thing, aside from it hardly ever applying in the first place.   It means a potentially lifetime stay in a mental facility, instead of a jail stay which they at least have some hope in being released from  and where they may get better treatment.    Personally I'd go the exact opposite route and confess to some random unsolved treasonous act / unsolved mass murder and attempt to get execution rather than either.  A smooth OD on pentobarbital sounds very attractive compared to being force-fed drugs that slowly cause parkinson's disease over a period of many years. I wouldn't be in that situation to begin with though, so it's kind of moot.


Keep in mind that the first listed criteria in the DSM-5 is:


An enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior the deviates markedly from the expectations of the individual's culture.

This line is effectively there because otherwise it's impossible to lay out guidelines for diagnosis from a scientific standpoint without making every religious person insane by definition otherwise.  



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A survivor of the recent shooting at a Madden NFL 19 tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, has filed a lawsuit against Electronic Arts, alleging that the company was negligent when it failed to provide adequate security at the venue on August 26.

So, umm...  REALLY?



Lawyers representing Mitich also argued that EA did not perform adequate due diligence to determine that the host of the venue, Chicago Pizza, had the proper permits to hold such an event. Worse still, EA did not have "adequate security measures," including metal detectors, wands, or backpack inspections.

Does anyone here have any kind of clue exactly what kind of permit there is to have people eating pizza and playing videogames in a pizza place ?    I mean the shit that happened was awful, but the company / bar weren't exactly holding an MMA tournament. 

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