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Hello All--------------

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as many of you know, there is a disabled dude that lives in my apt building. he doesn't have to work and he apparently is paying some girl to live there and blow him for rent or something. he used to have a wheelchair wife but she got arrested for trying to shoplift some kind of dog appliance and her wheelchair battery went out in the door at walmart

so she just had to wait for them to get to her. a friend of mine works there and said that they were real smug about it, like they would take a few steps then stop and talk about some stupid shit, then take a few more and stop, etc. 

But anyway, dude just sits at home or outside being useless and he is my enemy. a few days ago, i heard his whore outside on the phone talking about how this fat fuck cannot achieve an erection and she has to give him flaccid head no homo. i made a mental note of that for the day i would need it. that day was today. i was going to work and dude was out there and he goes 'enjoy working' and started laughing like i was some kind of goddamn loser. brehs, without missing one beat i go 'enjoy not being able to achieve an erection.' i kid you not, dude's face turned complete red, like a cherry or some shit. i was in such a savage state of mind, that i waited for his comeback cause i was gonna go in on his ass. none came, he just sat there being fat and making this weird gasping noise like he couldn't' breathe and shit. so anyway, another victory for myself as well. DISCUSS 

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this dude came up to as i was watching one of the games and he was like do you remember me--i told him yea---he put his hand out and we did the whole handslap come in for the half hug thing however this dude got into close quarters---i literally looked at him and said you know what you're finished---stole on him right in the right pectoral and he passed the fuck out screaming like a bitch---like he was unconsciously screaming while knockedout---two of the dudes that work there ran up and i jumped up in the air and gave them that bruce lee double split kick thing you see in movies and i had never done that before--after that it was on brehs n brehetitas---i kid you not when i say i had to battle my way to the exit---was giving them hands out with military precision---the thing is i didn't respect their power so i just took whatever they had to land my own shit---dudes was falling left n right---somebody had their pit there and let it loose and it jumped at me---so i gave it one crescent chop in midair and snapped its shit all the way up--

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4 minutes ago, Pistol said:

Damn your heartless. Going full in on the limp noodle for just a dickhead comment. /nh. Personally I would’ve saved that one for another day. Haha awesome!

Lol smh so many tales. Didnt they have a metal thread? I'm into metal now I wanna know if im doing it right

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