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Boris The Butcher

Hello All--------------

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He cut off the pony tail, I am so disappoint.

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Posted (edited)

was at my school sitting outside and playing a game on my kindle. this white couple came by with some kind of bigass brown dog. don't even know what the fuck kind of dog it was but this muthafucka like walked up on me trying to lick me in the goddamn face and shit like i was some kind of goddamn homosexual. they kept walking like didn't nothing happen. took my headphones out and yelled at them to 'keep their beast in-line.' white bitch said 'excuse me?' i told her not everyone wants some filthy beast licking them in they mouth. she scoffed and went in the building with this dirty freaking animal. 

brehs, tell me why not ten minutes later, they came back out and the dog thought this was round two. well it was round two cause his ass fukked up by knocking that kindle out my hands. on pure instinct, i put my hand at two  o'clock and from a seated position, charlie murphied the shyt out that dog. he actually went back on his hind legs and screamed like a bitch. white woman screamed also and said 'david, do something!' i rose and looked at her man. must have been a powerful stare bc dude just fainted and fell back onto the grass. just walked off and left they asses there brehs and now i'm typing this bout to hit up dominos for the third time this week. life is good and it seems that i am still that dude. discuss if you will.

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On 8/17/2018 at 4:38 PM, Boris The Butcher said:

Whats good my guy

not much, chillin.

how you been?

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