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How do you Oontz? Show us some context...


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So, this thread was inspired by some old chats with @Dirty_habiTwhere we were going back and forth without actually knowing at all what the other was dealing with. This thread is way better with more pictures, so for example a closeup, medium distance (as attached below for me) and one of the room so you can really get a feel for what a particular person is doing or wrestling with when posting. Obviously this can get creepy if you let it and figuring at least have you are on mobile so where you post from can be anywhere, but anyways... Thought it would be fun to trade glimpses of the area you most often Oontz from. I'll take more pictures later (have to clean up a couple things), but here's a pretty decent medium range shot where you can at least see my desk and setup.


So lets see them... What's the spot you most often Oontz from look like?



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On 9/5/2018 at 1:01 AM, Dirty_habiT said:

Shnitzel, that's a sweet office..... you can throw the calculator away though your mac has a software one :D.

It's a co working space there are 8 desks in a small room but most people only work rarely.


There's me

Megan the lwyercer

Hottie mc Hotterson the redhead who I never see anymore since she only works Monday and I'm not in.

Emma the function director 

Mystery guy who I've never seen in 8 months in the space.

Mouse the recruiter who's loud 52 divorced and kind of game for some dick I'd imagine. Tig ol' bitties, wobbly thighs and no sense of decorum

Lou her mate who is similar but ugly enough to stop a clock

1 empty desk thank god.

 there's an extra floor on the building now





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8 minutes ago, Dirty_habiT said:

I will when I get back to work on Monday.  Btw, this gives me a good idea @misteraven... Maybe you can make us a sweet ass hi-rez 12oz wallpaper.

I could probably put stuff on the walls but I never cared about that in my bedroom as a kid.... sooo..... ?

He posted a few vintage aka one recently. Great stuff 

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