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Internet Crossover Art / When Memes Go Too Far


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So a lot of this type of shit is stencils, confusing signs people hang up, etc...  basically weird internet shit crossed over into the world of reality. I find this kind of stupid unless pulled off correctly.   The first one is hopefully "I did it for the lulz" because they wheatpasted a fucking stencil, but I suspect there wasn't that much thought put in it.  The second is better because somebody was spamming them all over their neighborhood and the sign is close enough to a lost dog poster to draw some attention to the (useless) message on it.     I've got some older flyers people were spamming years ago I have to dig up...   decided to kick this off, not sure where it would fall otherwise.   A lot of it is a different category than graffiti but has similarities.  Here's some I found in my photos / saved files recently, I'll dig more up as I sort through files. 


I know there are more examples of it floating around so I figured I'd make a thread.




These were being put up somewhere or another for a while


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It's kinda hard to say there, because it's a fine line.   I think the first one I posted definitely falls under hipster shit,  even more so because this was a legal city-wide thing so any quality level is a mixture of misguided "street art" styling and laziness.    The second is funny and people who don't spend their entire lives on the internet could probably laugh at it even though it's based off the whole extreme advertisement meme. 


I don't really care which people post.  


Some quick searching found whatever the hell was going on here as an example of plain old shit nobody cares about ending up in reality:







Regardless of the content, those were at least done well. 

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