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All Camo evvverrryythang!

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So started getting deeper into camo patterns and military surplus and come to realize how hard it's starting to get to find vietnam era or older. In fact, even the chocolate chip stuff from the first gulf war isn't as available as it was.


I recall a time when they used to practically give away the woodland camo BDU stuff and now its getting dumb expensive. Been looking for a couple camo grail pieces, including whatever I can get in either medium / long or large long pants in golden tiger stripe and ERDL tropical. Even standard ERDL in my size would be good.


Anyhow, would love to get unissued surplus, but now I'm starting to see even heavily warn shit going for as high as $300, which seems insane to me. Again, I remember when you could cop at $5 - $15.


Anyone have any good sources, online or local, for authentic military issue surplus?


Feel free to post your camo grails below. If its not legit camo, it better be double, extra heavy hitting.



golden tiger stripe reference



ERDL tropical reference


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reversible seal parka - Vietnam era

tiger stripe on one side and duck camo on the other






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14 hours ago, misteraven said:

This isn't legit vintage surplus though is it?


Pretty fresh either way, but just asking.

oh no...it was a recreation by a brand called TSPTR

they were working along side another company that takes Vietnam era material and makes clothing out of it

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Not sure man, she's regularly attached from all angles. Can't see why she'd bother staging something like that when all she has to do is wait.


Plenty of info out there about how a Soros funded parent company helped bus BLM members to various protests that also happened to have professionally printed protest signs. Same thing happened back in the occupy days as well.

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