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15 minutes ago, KILZ FILLZ said:

@ndvthanks for that insight. The space pen was one I was looking at but I have big gorilla hands, so that def sounds like a deal breaker. 

Yeah if you have large hands then I wouldn't recommend the space pen.   I am not sure what to recommend, however, that Diplomat Pen you posted looks like a thicker space pen, looks really cool too.

In the mean time, below pictures are a representation of some of my lasing work for a customer...  The pictured Pens are MBs cheapest pen (entry level Star Walker) @ $340.00.  

Like i said earlier, IMO, they write smooth, feel good in the hand, but wasn't impressed with the smooth writing to justify 340 kind made me think other competitors and alternatives



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@ndvyeah those diplomats look sweet. Still up around that $200 mark though. Also to phallic to fly in my workspace 🤣. Jarheads and Squids I work with would lose their shit 


were those gifts for execs or a holiday party or something? Man that would be sweet. 

I’ll prob poke around some pawn shops, consignment shops and used jewelry shops to see if maybe I can snag something up on the cheap while I’m burning through the disposable pens I have left. eBay too. If I don’t come across a steal by then I think this is the way I will go 





not a flashy guy at all but a yellow pen may be fun. 

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@KILZ FILLZ yes  they were gifts, not for execs, for reg employees, those pen are for the 5yr mile stone employees, the 10yr mile stone employees get the next level pen which is the 500 dollar mid level MBs.  The company that does this for their employees, is nuts, i never seen anything like it before.  At fifteen years employees get one of those Microsoft computer tablets and not the cheap one. 


Anyhow, if you are interested in a MB second hand to cheaper there are plenty out there for sale.  However, there are plenty of fakes on the market which is very tough at times to tell.  A gen MB pens body is a extremely dark red resin, so one of the ways to check is to remove the ink cartridge and shine a high power led flashlight down the barrel and check for  reddish transparency which can be tough to see soon may need to inspect it at different angles.  The pen itself should feel solid and have some weight to it. There is also an engraving under the metal  clip at the end that is connected the pen however, this is the easiest to replicate, but often missed by counterfeiters because most counterfeiters usually do not go through purchasing a laser machine just for a .01 second marking.


Of course the forementioned is useless if you purchase online, but in pen shops you can check for this. 


Yeah, I didn't know those diplomats ran that high.  But those are sweet pens. And the yellow pen there has the coolness, that will make me hold on to extra tight because some one gonna steal it. 





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This is cool man. I enjoy the physical act of writing things down so years ago I bought a fountain pen and I found it to be one of the hardest things to control. I could never get the pressure right and would leave massive ink pools and spatters everywhere. I dont know if it was because it was a cheap pen or I was just crap at using it. I didnt buy a different fountain pen to find out.

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