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Yo DAO, Seriously Fuck the Police (Been a while since we had one of these)

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The shooting death of 73-year-old Richard “Gary” Black struck a national nerve. The decorated Vietnam veteran and grandfather of four was killed by police after he used his 9mm handgun to kill a naked stranger who kicked in his front door and attacked his 11-year-old grandson.


This should have the ACAB and 2A crowd equally fucking livid.


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Fuck that shit. 
I'm all for making the cops carry nothing but a nightstick and optionally some weak mace, UK style.  I bet they'd be amazed at how many people don't shoot at them when they're not pulling out their service pistols at random traffic stops and shit.



Black had significant hearing impairment because of his military service, Metz said. Also, the scene was noisy from people screaming, including Black’s 11-year-old grandson, who had been violently attacked by a naked intruder.

Yeah, he probably had a not insignificant amount of hearing issues from discharging a fucking 9mm indoors repeatedly, too.   Stack on the whole part where the cops dress like something out of a weird German bondage porn from the 80s these days and the naked dude who had run in just ahead of them and I wouldn't have obeyed anything they said if I could hear it very clearly and it was the Buddha and the second coming of Christ at the door. 




Black raised his flashlight toward them before the one officer fired, Metz said.


“It was that time my officer fired four rounds, causing Mr. Black to fall to the ground,” Metz said.


Oh lawd, not visible light!   No wonder the cop shot at him, you can get vision damage from looking at a flashlight for several weeks straight.   Presumably he fired 4 shots because the first three missed. 



Metz said the officer, who has not been identified but is a three-year department veteran, went through all the requirements necessary to come back after a shooting, including peer support, psychiatric services and gun range training. He spent 15 days on leave before being declared fit for duty.

Well, at least they gave him more shooting lessons and he had the entire 15 days it takes a total sociopath  to mentally recover after shooting a human.

If the guy who survived Vietnam and just got done dropping a crazed naked man had decided to shoot first and ask questions later, there'd be a lot more bodies but more decent people left alive.  ?

RIP Gary Black


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2 hours ago, ~KRYLON2~ said:

Thats just fucking crazy. I feel bad for the kid, I don't think there's ever gonna be enough therapy or meds to get over that shit.

Pretty much that. 

Meanwhile cops in 10 years are going to be asking why his generation doesn't respect or trust them...

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