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How can I keep up with dank memes?

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4 minutes ago, CALIgula said:


Guess we should just let everyone get infected 🙄🙄


That's cool homie.... you go first. 

Yes. I’ll be careful and take my chances. You can stay home. 

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2 minutes ago, Kults said:

Yes. I’ll be careful and take my chances. You can stay home. 

I'll cross my fingers for you🤞🏻

Hopefully you wear a mask😷 and practice social distracting...

So you don't get it and become a vector and spread it to people who have no choice than to be out. 

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12 hours ago, Fist 666 said:

Yup. I was arguing with my wife that calling someone a pussy is calling them a "scaredy cat" not an overly sensitive vagina--most of the time context clarifies that very easily. 


Another electrician at my company teaches at the local community college, while teaching an intro class introducing tools, two young ladies took great offense to the term "dikes" referring to diagonal cutters. It resulted in a full meeting of campus leadership, programs leaders, and him and he almost lost his position at the college. People are fucking dumb. The Dutch have dikes, I've been calling this tool a dike since I learned what it was as a kid (probably 10 or 11), and the lesbian community sure as fuck has dykes....




As different as those of us active in crossfire are politically, I'm willing to bet that one of the most unifying (least disagreed upon) things would be found in a distaste for identity politics, especially in the realm of victimhood as identity. 

We’ve had to make this change too. Tool box inventories have been updated to contain ‘diagonal cutters’ lol

extra stupid in a field where we have camel toes, donkey dicks and slave-in parts for troubleshooting. 

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Obviously, as a tech we no longer call them dykes either. "Side Cutters" I get looks from people when I call a retard (a switch that has a built in delay) a retard. But there's no other term for this type of switch.

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We have 3’ torque wrenches that everyone calls Big Bertha.. not just at this location, I’ve been to multiple location where the biggest wrench in the house is called Big Bertha. Just a matter of time til someone butches about that

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To memorize this sequence so you can look at a resistor and tell it's value you have to remember what each color stands for in sequence from zero to nine: B,B,R,O,Y,G,B,V,G,W


My dad, and several instructors taught me the old "Bad, boys, rape our young girls but Violet gives willingly"  to get the order right. This mnemonic was taught in almost all electronics schools back in his day, not anymore. I don't think there's a more memorable mnemonic for this.

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