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Cussing 'round the world

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So the other day, in my endless quest for useless knowledge on the internet, I found this website https://context.reverso.net


It's meant to find nearest matches or translations of slang / etc from one language to another, and can help brush up your skills at random cussing and insults before visiting any country.   I tried one of the more difficult english phrases on it.  Not the sentence, that was already there as an example. 

But no, Stu had to go and get his cock worshipped by that stupid little no-talent Mary Poppins fucking cum-dumpster!





Aber nein, Stu musste ja seinen Schwanz anbeten lassen, von dieser dummen, kleinen, untalentierten Mary Poppins, die verdammte Wichsschluckerin.

This translates literally to "jerk swallower" or similar.  Saftpresse is also listed, which just translates to "juice press".  I'm not sure either of these really includes the scale of things properly, so I propose that the new word Samenllcontainergargeln "semen dumpster gargler" may be a better option if not in actual use. 





 Ma no, Stu doveva per forza farsi idolatrare l'uccello da quella stupida maledetta succhiacazzi di una Mary Poppins fallita.

Italian also lists a translation as "cassonetto pieno di sperma" which is literal, where succhiacazzi is just cocksucker and doesn't really convey the dumpster portion of the phrase properly. 



Next up, we try "Your mother sucks cocks in hell".  This phrase isn't quite as language-specific.



Deine Mutter lutscht Schwänze in der Hölle.

"Deine Mutter bläst Nixon in der Hölle." -- Your mother blows Nikon in hell -- also showed up as an example for that search. 




Tua madre succhia cazzi all'inferno. 

Finally, there's "blumpkin".  This doesn't have any single word equivalent that I know of. 




Fellatio auf dem Klo.

Blowjob on the toilet.  That works, but misses the whole "while shitting" part.  The other German one listed is some patent bullshit some bored kid wrote about their math teacher killing their hamster and teaching a boring subject. 




Pompino mentre cachi. 

Pompino sul cesso fatto come si deve.

The first is just blowjob while shitting.  The second, I think, captures the spirit of things better and literally translates to "blowjob on the toilet done properly / as it should be".

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