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This was sort of my type of shit in the mid- 90’s......with a sort of Basketball Diaries twist to it.


Anyway, thought a bunch of you would find this pretty tight. 


Feel free to reminisce on the era - talk shit, post your favorite 90’s skate video  parts or speak on this film. 

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when they gonna make a movie called late 80's of a shit cunt (who can't skate) coming of age in the era of christian Hosoi and failing to get laid.?

 that'l really speak to me...


But mid90-'s was a rad time




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So many bangers from that era , blind / world industries / 101 / plan b videos . . legendary . Older homies tell me about those days all the time . Really hope this movie is dope - big fan of Jonah & his work .


Yeah Right , Baker 3 , New Blood & Fully Flared all dropped while I was in HS . These 4 videos will always be golden to me ! 


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Knew a lot of the same people that knew Dan Wolf back in the day. Needless to say, when this video dropped and finally put the East Coast on the map the entire state of Pennsylvania erupted. 

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i have been believing the hype of this project for over a year, but after i saw  the trailer a bit ago i thought,  it looks like another version of kids... 

I'm sure it will be good but not at all what i expected based off of the inside chatter i had. 

the irony is your trying to make a movie about an era you were not part of and end up making what looks like a tribute piece to a defining movie of 90s youth culture...


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Kids being such a monumental film - I can see how it will overshadow anything done in a similar way. 


The only stand out thing that I can think of is that Kids is so East Coast, while this film will hopefully have a good West Coast feel. 


Seems so fucking crazy that this shit is nearly 25 years old....



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