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Im not sure if there’s a thread pertaining to this subject or not. If so just link me below.


I recently picked up a DJI Mavic Air as an addition to my arsenal for freelance work. Not completely familiar with it yet, but curious if anyone else has dabbled with production quality drones? 


Tips-Tricks-Ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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16 hours ago, misteraven said:

@6PenniesDon’t you have one of these?

I've got as Phantom 4 that has been giving me low quality video since the last firmware update.  My brother-in-law has had it in his possession for the past 6 months.  Thing is it's so bulky to take out on hikes and treks that i'm not so inclined to take it.  Been focusing on working with my Fuji XT2, but have plans to take the drone to Page, AZ in a few weeks....


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@Dark_KnightPro tip, if you catch it out of the air, it has to be level otherwise it will try to balance itself and you could end up getting chewed up by the blades. Yes those blades break skin and it is a bit dangerous. 


Source - I was helping someone who was worried about landing it so close to the water, grabbed it out of the air, it would t turn off. Now I got a few battle scars on my arm. 



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I have an unfinished drone laying around.  Dude got halfway done building the thing from parts with some missing and gave it to me.  First flight control board had a calibration issue I didn't fix until later, and the RC unit had a disconnected wire to the roll axis that wasn't visible on a quick look (lack of receiver signal on that channel seemed intended thanks to unreadable manuals).  Could still get it to lift off the ground before flipping over, which was probably a good sign considering an entire control axis was missing.   Second control board works fine but needs a bunch of $0.10 wires and an I2C multiplexer for the peripherals + PPM encoder for the radio receiver.  PixHawks are common enough that all the additional parts are floating around amazon & such for maybe $30 total. 


Managed to bump the remote while the power was still hooked up and slice my finger open pretty good.  The blade shattered on impact with my finger because they can't take much more stress  than they get from the torque & down force.  Would have needed stitches if my finger was in the way when it was going full speed, probably.


Anyway, ideally this whole thing needs somebody who knows / cares more about drones than I do and has a more modern RC setup already.   The RC I have here is working for testing but battery connection isn't good enough to trust for flight, especially if it gets anywhere near as fast as it should.    Just judging from liftoff speeds vs. throttle level I'm guessing it will.  The top speeds it should manage (45-55 sideways) are a problem.  It really needs sonar / lidar for power line & animal avoidance and a high res POV camera to fly that fast.  Throwing a gimbal on it and getting it closer to the full carry weight of 5-6lb should cut the speed down quite a bit, but at the top speeds with minimal weights it really needs some level of computer control & better navigation from the handheld. 

I'm considering giving this stuff away at this point if there's anyone really interested in finishing the build.  Let me know and I'll put some pictures up.     None of my friends locally has time for it (I'll never make time for it either) and I got the more expensive stuff for free so I'd rather see somebody else making use of it.


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