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Your public transport in pics

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Some random photos I while drunk on my way home

My chick was on her way to work this morning. And some smelly dude sat next to her with a disposable camera and a penthouse magazine. Give dude props for his keeping it old school ethos. 


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Luckily in my city I can get away without using public transport. I just walk places.

There's not really a train system in bristol so it is mainly buses although there is 1 train route that is quite handy as most the time you can get it for free as no conductors or barriers in most the stops. 

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@delv are you in Melbourne


looks so Australian but can't figure where exactly


 Adelaide trains - the red ones are the shiny new model that run on south lines  the yellow front run on most lines including mine. they are clunky diesel trains.


look good with front runners though!



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Oh god dammit I just deleted hella photos of stupid shit I encounter on my daily commute.


I had a great photo of a crackhead chillin on the floor shirtless eating popcorn. 


the public transportation in my area always has some wild fuckery, will start taking flicks.


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7 hours ago, Decyferon said:

Our crappy buses


Dude this bus looks wild uncomfortable I fully need to be able to lounge hard on my public transport adventures.


I used to hate buses, but it’s pretty dope really...i can listen to music, draw or read, space out or whatever the fuck and not stress on the daily road traffic bullshit. 

Could be worse I suppose. 

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6 hours ago, Schnitzel said:

double decker buses rule (novelty factor)

In Hong Kong they had double decker trams which was rad!



They're fun if the driver is a nutter and you sit right at the front at the top. Spend most the journey thinking you're gonna flip over 

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Cool, did not see this thread had started to move.  Was thinking about it and was going to suggest making it more transit stories and related pix since any of us who has taken public transportation knows you get to see some wild and/or entertaining shit.

Special 12oz flashback to Epic Beard Man.


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